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Hackathon IA Data Hack

Du 23 avril 08h30 au 25 avril 19h00
Albert School, 18 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris

LINAGORA is a GOLD sponsor of DEVOXX France 2024

From 17 to 19 april 2024

From RAGs to Riches

April 11, 2024 from 9h15 to 10h15 am


8,9,10 april 2024 in Hanôi

Presentation of OpenLLM France's work at AlpOSS 2024

RAFLL 2024

Thursday 21 March 2024 - 3.00 pm to 3.45 pm

LINAGORA is the main partner providing support for various entities in Europe


We excel in providing
true Open Source

Since 2000, through the main lines of work, we have dedicated our existence to deliver an excellent service for maintenance, assurance, audit and consulting of Open Source software

If you need help migrating data using Open Source software or are unsure about the effectiveness of your current IT infrastructure or any of Open Source component, we can audit, consult and assist you in finding more secure alternatives to traditional Open Source or proprietary software service providers



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Modern IT collaboration tools based on Open Source play an innovative role in driving effective communication, enabling efficient project management, fostering knowledge sharing, enhancing team collaboration, and integrating with other business systems

Twake Workplace

LINAGORA offers a comprehensive, cutting edge Open Source products that encompass everything you need for a successful collaboration and project management and includes corporate mail, cloud storage, video conferencing and services for managing your team of any kind


Open Source solutions address modern digital communication challenges by providing transparent security measures, privacy control, interoperability through open standards, and flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in, while fostering innovation within collaborative communities and enabling efficient and secure communication in the digital environment

Twake Workplace

Twake Workplace effectively addresses contemporary challenges in digital communication by providing transparent security measures, privacy controls, adherence to open standards for interoperability, fostering innovation within collaborative communities, and enabling efficient and secure communication in today's dynamic digital environment


Large language models (LLMs) are powerful AI systems capable of understanding and generating human language. Many LLM projects are open source, promoting collaboration, innovation, and transparency in AI development. This approach democratizes access to advanced linguistic capabilities and encourages community engagement.

OpenLLM Europe

LINAGORA possesses the necessary expertise to implement Open Source generative AI technologies and optimize them for the organization's context to achieve real productivity gains in daily operations


Open Source cloud services offer a powerful combination of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and community-driven innovation, making them a compelling choice for modern IT infrastructure. Despite challenges, their benefits, including avoiding vendor lock-in and fostering rapid innovation, position them as valuable solutions for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging these technologies effectively, organizations can drive growth and stay at the forefront of technological advancement.


OSSA by LINAGORA addresses the critical challenges of cloud technology by leveraging the strengths of Open Source software. By focusing on security, cost management, avoiding vendor lock-in, fostering innovation, and ensuring scalability, OSSA provides a robust framework for organizations to navigate the complexities of the cloud. This approach not only mitigates risks but also empowers businesses to harness the full potential of cloud technologies, driving growth and innovation.


Open Source infrastructure has become a pivotal element in modern IT environments, offering a compelling blend of flexibility, cost efficiency, and community-driven innovation. By leveraging tools like Linux, Kubernetes, and OpenStack, organizations can build robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure tailored to their specific needs. This approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, driving technological advancement and business growth.


OSSA provides a comprehensive solution for managing open-source infrastructures. By focusing on security, cost management, avoiding vendor lock-in, innovation, and scalability, OSSA offers a robust framework for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of modern IT. This approach not only mitigates risks but also fully harnesses the potential of cloud and open-source technologies, fostering continuous growth and innovation.


By following a systematic approach involving assessment, planning, migration, deployment, training, and optimization, organizations can fully leverage the benefits of open source while minimizing risks. This strategic transition not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters innovation and continuous improvement, positioning organizations for long-term success in today's dynamic digital landscape.


Our special unit OSSA can resolve challenges related to data and database migration by providing comprehensive support and expertise in Open Source technologies. Through meticulous assessment, strategic planning, tool selection, testing, and ongoing support, OSSA ensures a smooth and successful migration process, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits of open source while minimizing risks.


Auditing Open Source issues within IT infrastructure is crucial to ensuring security, compliance, and efficiency. By conducting regular assessments, organizations can identify and correct vulnerabilities, comply with legal requirements, and optimize their use of Open Source software. This proactive approach not only reduces risks but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing the overall resilience and performance of the IT environment.

Pro Services

LINAGORA, with its professional services, conducts thorough audits of Open Source issues within its clients' IT infrastructures. Through comprehensive assessment, vulnerability analysis, compliance review, and precise recommendations, LINAGORA assists its clients in ensuring the security, compliance, and efficiency of their systems while promoting a culture of continuous improvement.


Consulting in the domaine of Open Source presents unique challenges such as navigating a complex ecosystem, ensuring security and compliance, and addressing cultural and organizational barriers. However, by embracing continuous learning, fostering collaboration, and providing tailored solutions, consultants can help organizations fully leverage the benefits of Open Source technologies while mitigating risks and driving business growth.

Pro Services

Our professional services unit addresses the complex challenges of open source by providing specialized expertise, tailored solutions, and a commitment to security, compliance, and collaboration. Through our approach focused on adaptability, continuous learning, and ongoing support, we help our clients fully leverage the benefits of open-source technologies while minimizing risks and fostering business growth.

We offer software products and provide support & professional services

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Discover our offer of specialized Open Source expertise with solutions tailored to clients' needs





Digital workplace poised to help teams to manage daily collaboration challenges

Twake Chat

The Open Source alternative to Microsoft Teams

Organize and automate your interaction flows. Develop your business, collaborate and communicate simply and securely with your customers, team members or external partners.

Twake Drive

The Open Source alternative to Google Drive

Your data is your most important asset. Share and manage your data in the easiest and most secure way

Twake Mail

The Open Source alternative to Gmail

Secure, fast and durable enterprise e-mail client



Professional support for 
500+ Open Source software

Our skills, expertise and privileged relationships with Open Source communities make us a trusted third party for more than 500 software products for the industrialization, security and governance of Open Source

Our product development pillars

All-in-one solution
Feature-rich, cross platform, SaaS, privately hosted, on-premises
Open Source
Community contribution, ethical by design
Private & secure
GDPR compliance, open and secure code, encrypted
#GoodTech 4Good
Positive impact on the world! Contribute to UN SDGs! Carbon free by 2030!

Customers success stories

Air France uses OpenLDAP open source software in its business. Wishing to secure the maintenance in operational conditions of its applications based on this open source software, and also to perpetuate its Open Source choices, Air France approached LINAGORA to obtain Open Source Software Assurance (OSSA) services.

The Agence Nationale de l'Habitat (ANAH) called on LINAGORA in 2021 to deploy the new version of the LinID Directory Manager product, in accordance with the needs expressed by the ANAH in the functional specifications drawn up during 2021.

The CIG (Centre Interdépartemental de Gestion) Petite Couronne supports public employers in the 92-93-94 départements in the development of their HR policies.
LINAGORA was consulted by the CIG as part of its "Convergences" platform, the authentication portal for its online services, to help it achieve the following objectives:

Since the 2000s, Open Source software has gained ground in all spheres of government, whether in the Ministries, in the Prime Minister's office, in many public organisations such as the Constitutional Council, or in the President's office.

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