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We provide consulting services:

  • to help you to setup your open source strategies,
  • to determine a plan to integrate open source technologies in your system,
  • from local public organizations to private companies.

For Individuals and for Organizations, CJOS can be a game-changer to think about how you can maximize the value of information technology, especially with respect to open source. With CJOS we will serve as the one-stop solution for your business`s digital transformation journey.

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Our experts are passionate about helping companies to succeed with their Open Source strategies and to support you in your digital transformation journey.
To offer an efficient service that exceeds your expectations, agility is at the core of our methodology. Our goal at linda is to be ready to adapt best to unexpected changes that frequently occur during digital projects. Our intention is to work with you in a collaborative way through betting on co-innovation and making new ideas real via co-construction.

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We offer +60 Open Source training services to help you expand the use of free software and match our value of freedom. We are a certified LPI Certification Partner for over 10 years.

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Our approach is organized into four steps
to help you adopting Open Source for your IT

Step 1 – Tailored analysis of your situation

Macro-analysis of the principle domains of your information system. From this study, we determine the 2 to 4 domains in which we propose to prioritize to best fit your business objectives and deliver recommendations for how to proceed forward.

Step 2 – Detailed analysis of each prioritized domain, which includes the following deliverables

A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis that compares your current system set up with an alternative Open Source solution. Two types exist : “Stock” for replacing existing proprietary software or “Flux” for installing new versions of existing Open Source software.

A solution matrix indicating Open Source software migration (Stock) and updated installations (Flux) to help the client choose the best solution.

A detailed project plan for software migration and updating (Stock).

Step 3 – Implementation of the selected solution

Complete project management or on-site support for your teams to achieve sustainable results.

Step 4 – Continued support and maintenance

We are here to make sure any system we develop is sustainable and continually maintained with the latest updates and new technology through our Support Services – OSSA.

Adopt DevOps software delivery strategy

DevOps (a clipped compound of “development” and “operations”) is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). Bridging development and operations to deliver software isn’t easy. Developers want freedom to innovate. Operations teams want to preserve risks and production issues.

DevOps removes the traditional obstacles, automates manual steps, and provides best practices to ensure fast and high-quality application delivery.

DevOpsOur approach provides a framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline. By using open source DevOps tools and adopt a new way to manage your teams (Site Reliability Engineering team, DevSecOps DoD, etc.), you can really improve orchestratration and automation of your entire software delivery and deployment process. Your developers, ops staff, release engineers, and managers can collaborate to deliver software releases in a defined, predictable, and repeatable way.

Our consultants will interview your development and operations tech leads to understand their business objectives and technical goals and will evaluate the relevant processes and procedures around the application development and delivery, level of automation, coding and testing practices, and tools used by your teams.

And LINAGORA presents you with an effective roadmap to adopt automation in your software delivery processes. Our consultants will present recommendations on the best way and proper technology investments to progress towards an integrated continuous delivery approach and improvements to maximize the efficiency of the DevOps teams.

Service center for the co-construction and maintenance of your digital platforms

For several years, LINAGORA has set up a php service center dedicated to the corrective, evolutionary and adaptive maintenance services of websites. This service center operates on demanding contracts for services provided by large organizations and administrations. It allows LINAGORA, through its organization and the processes that are applied, to offer its customers an “industrial” digital support service guaranteeing a very high level of security as to the quality of the platforms maintained.

The service center is organized so that it can process requests by ensuring:

  • a very high level of quality expected for operations;
  • continuity in the availability of competent speakers to work on the platforms of our clients.

LINAGORA’s service center aims, through the adoption of agile and craftmanshift practices and methods, to produce short, iterative cycles of support, evolutions or corrections that perfectly meet the challenges posed to it. This will necessarily implies an organization that allows everyone to simply communicate and play the game of complete transparency. This approach to collaboration between clients and LINAGORA is at two levels: that of the management of the service and that of each of the services.

To best meet the expectations of customers, the operation we propose is based on the principles described in the following diagrams: