• Linshare increases
  • collaboration through
  • a secure, adaptable and
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Linshare is not just storage, it is the best Open Source solution for your organization to remain productive while securely sharing, monitoring and tracking files.

LinShare provides you the freedom and confidentiality to retrieve your files anywhere from a web-based application or through integration with other enterprise collaboration applications such as OBM, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

LinShare Features

Provide your teams a place to share not only files, but also comments and discussions

A user-friendly interface allows you to store files privately or share with other individuals or groups. All with no file size restrictions!

Make sure the right people are working with the right files

Control access to your files with features such as password-protected sharing, temporary accounts and file sharing expiration functions.

Maintain a detailed log of file downloads and modifications with timestamps, download notifications and searchable version history.

Ultra-high enterprise-grade features protect your information and your organization

Prevent unwanted access to your files with features such as XAdES digital signature support, AES symmetric file encryption and fine-grained access control (FGAC).

Built-in antivirus support protects against any malicious files.

An administrator’s toolkit enables you to customize a file exchange application best fit for your organization

Bring LinShare’s functionality directly into your existing web and desktop-based messaging and collaboration applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Roundcube, and OBM.

Manage who has access with SSO settings, LDAP directory support, and customizable reporting tools.

License and Business Model

We love Open Source Software, and that is why LinShare is a Libre & Free software.

Libre (Free in French) – Anyone has the ability to use and develop upon LinShare however they would like.

Free – The software and license are 100% free of charge to download and use at any time.

Our License

LinShare license (AGPL v3 with additional terms)

Our Services

To make sure your organization has the highest level of security and productivity, we offer technical support contracts for purchase that cover everything and anything from deployment planning to hands-on optimization.

LinShare's technical support team works in tandem with the R&D team in order to help customers remain updated on system enhancements while simultaneously contributing to LinShare’s continual development and evolution.


LinShare.org : community website

Download LinShare app, admin UI and Thunderbird Plugin.

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