AlpOSS 2024 (Alpes Open Source Software)

21 March 2024
At Échirolles town hall




Our CEO Michel-Marie MAUDET was present at this latest edition of Alpes Open Source Software (AlpOSS).

Looking at the images, you'd almost think that our DG was campaigning and shining at Echirolles Town Hall...




Fortunately, this is not the case! And if there's one thing we're campaigning for at LINAGORA, it's ethical, responsible and transparent AI that's truly Open Source, and that's a lot!

AlpOSS, the Isère event for the Open Source ecosystem, is aimed specifically at publishers, service providers, local authorities and users of open source software. It was an opportunity to present the OpenLLM France community [+500 members], its CLAIRE and LUCIE LLM models to the Isère Open Source ecosystem, and above all the challenge of being able to offer a truly Open Source alternative to commercial LLMs, based on datasets that are also open and, in particular, mainly in French and European languages.

Because we have to realise that the choice of technologies used will ultimately determine the prevalence of a model of society at every level: economic, cultural and political.
This concerns us all! 

The aim of AlpOSS is to create links between suppliers of innovative Open Source technologies and users, to discuss collaboration models and business models, and to structure and energise the local ecosystem.
AlpOSS is more than just conferences and workshops. It's also a great opportunity to network and share ideas.








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