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LINAGORA is a top European provider of free and Open software to clients worldwide in the private and public sectors. We are pioneers in promoting ethical, user-focused digital solutions, and we develop innovative software with dedicated collaborators. We also provide consulting and support for clients implementing and securing Open Source solutions at the core of their IT systems.

Our domains of work of expertise

LINAGORA Global Software

We develop and promote Open Source products like Twake, LinShare, Team Mail, LinTo.

LINAGORA Run Services

We support and maintain any Open Source software used in critical IT systems of our customers

LINAGORA Pro Services

We offers consulting and support for large private and public users relying on Open Source

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If you are passionate about technology and convinced that Open Source software is the way to disrupt IT, LINAGORA is for you. Reach new frontiers with LINAGORA and share your expertise moving forward the industry. We daily help private and public organizations, enabling them to make the best use of Open Source technologies and be one step closer to the future of IT.

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