Get the most value from your Open Source projects!

Our passion is to help companies succeed with their Open Source strategies and increase their competitiveness.

With our dozens of Open Source experts and over 15 years of experience, Linagora stands as a leader in the market. Our wide range of services covers every step of an Open Source strategy,: strategic consulting and design, implementation, migration, change and risk management.

Strategic or Technical Intelligence Studies

Whether it is for selecting the best technology for a given project or defining your global Open Source strategy, we provide in-depth analysis based on renowned methodologies and processes.

Technical Intelligence

This type of study acts as a guideline for selecting the best technical approach to implement any project. LINAGORA follows a precise process divided in four steps: "define", "evaluate", "qualify" and "select" to deliver a functional matrix of surveyed technologies.

Such an analysis provides both quick and in-depth analysis across qualitatives aspects (sustainability, maturity, community, usability, adaptability,industrialization) as well as fit for clients specific needs.

Each software is evaluated on the following aspects:

  • interoperability (API interfaces, activity streams , etc. . );

  • sotware usability;

  • security and reliability;

  • industrialization support.

Our reports also include a recommended course of action with identified risks and benefits for each solution.

Strategic Report

The purpose of this study is to provide a global and current evaluation of the free software offerings of a given technology or functional area, following these steps:

  • introduction of the functional scope: role within the information system and architecture concepts;

  • up-to-date analysis of market solutions;

  • risk assessment (integration, industrialization and sustainability);

  • summarized review of market maturity and potential risks/benefits of such solutions in the client context.

Many renowed administration and private actors rely on our complete and pragmatic reports to define their strategic orientations.


We build upon on our previous experiences with large-scale integration and deployment to help you identify the areas in your information system where Open Source solutions would bring technical or financial benefits, and determine how to plan for integration into your system.


Thanks to our own experience as a developer and publisher of end-user or low-level Open Source solutions, we can directly take on the integration effort to smoothly bring Open Source software into your infrastructure.

In-House Expertise

We are all passionnate. We all love helping people build their Open Source project. Sometimes the best way to help is to work hand-in-hand with our clients.

That's why LINAGORA offers in-house expertise. With our team members contributing in communities such as LibreOffice, LimeSurvey, GanttProject or Drupal, you are sure to get the right man or woman to empower your own team.


Being rigorous is a definite prerequisite to develop great software. That's why we focus on quality. Our ultimate goal is to deliver established and packaged solutions with the best support.

Specific Training

Beyond our wide offering of standard trainings, we provide tailored training sessions related to your project. Whether passing the torch to your users on a newly-published collaboration platform or organizing a custom course to raise your team's skill in a specific field... We love to teach.

Contributing Back to Our Communities

As a pure software player, we are commited to giving back to Open Source communities whenever possible, either from providing simple bugfixes to completely new functionnality. This guarantees a solution that is state-of-the-art and true to the spirit of the Open Source community.