Build your career, be open source!

Do you care about Open Source? Do you wish to build skills across several IT areas?

At LINAGORA, you can do both. Our 100% free software philosophy gives you a framework in which you can contribute to Open Source software and technologies you care about, while building and diversifying your own skillset.

There are a few human qualities we really pay attention to when bringing new memebers on board...
First Autonomy. Given the intensity of our activities, we appreciate people who are used to being self starters and can adapt quickly to complete any task. This does not mean that you are on your own though. It is just easier to help someone who has already attempted and reflected on a solution before asking how to move forward, because he/she can better articulate the needed support from the team.
Second Spontaneity: Part of Open Source's greatness as a community comes from the variety of opinions and their discussions. Not being shy to express yourself is always appreciated!

With that being said, we love discovering unique profiles, and we never close the door on anyone knocking. As long as your heart lies with Open Source we will hear you out!
Either propose us an exciting project or answer one of our dozens job postings, there is surely a job there that will make your personality and skills shine!

Most people have to choose between a great career or an interesting job. Why not choose both? :)


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