Save the Voyages-SNCF soldier!

What technology could sustain a massively-used e-commerce website?
J2EE Apache Drupal
One of the oldest French E-commerce, J2EE based.
Many interactions with third party services.
Robustness and scalability are primary requirements.
Evergrowing traffic puts the website on edge.
Select a framework or technology set that could ensure large-scale robustness.
Preserve functionalities and structuration, especially fine-grained permissions management.
Preserve and extend integration possibilities with third-party (including social networks).
Analyse of several frameworks and CMS.
Counsel on architecture and functional design on a Drupal basis.
Help in website configuration and deployment.
Renowned CMS with active community and rich documentation.
Drupal framework-like extensibility gives Voyages-SNCF plenty of room to evolve.
Better compatibility with browsers out-of-the-box.

When your e-commerce reach critical traffic...

Voyages-SNCF stands among the oldest French e-commerce website. While its initial purpose was solely to sell train tickets, it eventually grew as a major travel platform. With evergrowing customer base and partnerships with hotels, airlines and taxis, the initial platform approached its limits.

Voyages-SNCF team, seeing the maturation of several open source CMS and frameworks, asked LINAGORA for help in comparing and analysing them.
LINAGORA then conducted a full survey on website specifications with the Voyages-SNCF developers team.

Its results stressed performances scalability, platform reliability and fine-grained user system as prime needs. With many open source frameworks and CMS available on market, each meeting requirements on paper, the choice could not be trivial. Drupal came out as an almost obvious choice.

Many CMS or frameworks statisfy the basic needs expressed. However, Drupal offers significant advantages over many contenders, several of them coming from its very strong community. Led by Acquia, Drupal community mixes benevoles as well as IT professionals, providing either community help a business partner of your choice. It is also a reason why Drupal is so feature-rich, with nearly any feature anyone could need being already covered by a module.
Finally, its framework-like conception and rich documentation promised an easier integration of the new website with the numerous backend of Voyages-SNCF itself or its partners.

Drupalize your e-commerce and reap the benefits: flexibility, browser compatibility, reliability.

Following LINAGORA recommendations, Voyages-SNCF built its new website on a Drupal 7 base.

Drupal's advantages came into light early. As client's internal developers were so intent in developing ourselves, due to high coupling of front-end with complex backend, they appreciated the concepts sustaining Drupal conception. Together with some modules that covered features that were previously custom built, Voyages-SNCF also gained much in maintenance, being able to rely on community documentation. This also means that when they decide to get some support from a professional partner, they will be able to intervene immediately.

All in all, Voyages-SNCF has been satisfied of this choice, with new website covering the same features as the old one, while gaining much in terms of performance, maintenability and extensibility.