Make Ile-de-France region shine onto digital world

Most important French region, hosting the capital, Ile-de-France had yet to get a website reflecting its richness ...
Logo Ile de France
Apache / Drupal / Varnish
12 months
Many interactions with third party services.
Robustness and scalability are primary requirements.
Evergrowing traffic puts the website on edge.
Set up a web infrastructure allowing quick deployment of satellite websites.
Give an intuitive interface to encourage content contributions.
Design a portal that combine information richness and ease of navigation.
Design of a Drupal-based technical architecture.
Creation of a specific distribution for quick deployment of additional sites.
Development of tailored modules which will be contributed back to community.
Configuration and optimization of runtime platform.
Drupal distribution makes deployment of event-specific websites fast and easy.
Responsive design improves information access.
Tailored configurations and administration UI encourage contributions.
Smart architecture ensures high-availability in spite of heavy traffic.
ile de France Area website