Improve communication, save people

When lives are on the line, effective communication becomes critical.
OBM LinShare LinID Apache
150 offices and fire stations covering the area.
No far from 10000 firemen to inform and coordinate.
Critical needs on information circulation speed and reliability.
Allow easy sharing of information, improve planning and monitoring.
Facilitate inter-agency cooperation through unified user directory.
Get a robust platform to ensure service continuity.
Configuration and deployment of collaboration platform, OBM.
Deployment and integration of easy sharing solution, LinShare.
Set up of the IAM free solution, LinID.
Configuration of mailing-list manager, Sympa.
SImplified user management (permissions and content access).
Integrated solutions provide a unique, simple to use portal.
Powerful sharing with no file size limit and precise access control.
Robust platform, free and extensible.

When peoples safety rest on your teams, efficient communication becomes a lifeline!

SDIS 59 stands for Service Departemental d'Incendie et de Secours du Nord (Departmental Central Office in charge of fire suppression and citizen rescue). It is in charge of coordinating several thousand firemen to protect and rescue citizens from fire, accidents and other life-threatening situations. With a superficy of 653 cities to cover and more than 1500 operations a year, keeping teamwork as its best is a major goal. It implies for the SDIS to be able to quickly update teams on organization, area attributions or changes in intervention methods.

SDIS 59 was looking to improve its collaboration infrastructures, to spare time wasted on transmitting information instead of being used on critical tasks... Such as saving lives.
Considering the critical importance of its mission, SDIS was primarily focused on robustness and durability, simplicity of use coming just behind. LINAGORA answered by proposing a "free-free" (as in freedom and as in beer) software stack including:

  •, collaboration platform with agenda, webmail, task planners and more;
  •, easy, secure and powerful sharing solution;
  •, a full Identity and Access Management stack including its LemonLDAP ::NG component for Single Sign-On;
  • Sympa, a nice to use (as name implies) mailing-list manager.

SDIS 59 eventually preferred this proposition over contenders. This choice was partly based on the intrinsic benefits of free software: avoiding any vendor lock-in on prices or support, keeping the hand on infrastructure lifecycle. Beyond these, SDIS 59 favored LINAGORA's proposition...
Firstly, because proposed stack covered nicely their functional needs, with mobile access to documents and emails, large files sharing and SSO.
Secondly, because these softwares were already largely used in other administrations with similar requirements in performances and reliability, such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior or Gendarmerie Nationale (National State Police).

Alexandre ZAPOLSKY, LINAGORA CEO, is « very proud that SDIS 59 trust us with their collaboration infrastructure, as we are aware of their critical operational requirements. This high level in robustness and security comes from our continuous effort in Research&Development. It is no coincidence that other SDIS of other French regions already contacted us to deploy similar software stacks: Côte-d'Or, Gironde and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. We will continue to work hard in order to become a trusted partner of firemen, national-wide! »