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LINAGORA, leader in Open Source training

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Serving the development of the open source community

Linagora Training Centers deliver a high level of expertise on LINAGORA-approved training and Product certifications . These certifications allow companies to maintain an undeniable competitive advantage, while increasing the quality of their customer service and employee productivity for greater profitability.


Our Trainers

They are high-level expert trainers with real-world knowledge from their experience in large-scale, technically complex projects. Both developers and trainers, they develop their own courses and are accredited to teach.

With our experts, you will benefit from sharp feedback on the topics covered. This alliance of knowledge and exchange will allow you to be operational at the end of this training.

Open Source promotes innovation and the development of new uses. The prospects of using Open Source technologies are strong in particular on:

  • infrastructure-related technologies (Linux, DB, identity),
  • expanding technologies (web, e-commerce, collaborative),
  • very high growth new entrants (cloud, mobility, big data).

How to finance your training

Whatever your professional situation, it will be possible for you to have your training financed at LINAGORA.

  • Supported thanks to our Datadock referencing
  • The Personal Training Account (CPF)
  • Subsidy by Pole Emploi
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Professional training administered


Trained public and private sector professionals


Consultants and experts ready to train you


Training organized in intra/inter company

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