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LCS: LINAGORA Consulting Services

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To accompany you at each step of your actions of adoption and sharing of Open Source technologies, for the construction of a strategy of controlled use.

Our missions

  • Meeting your challenges and supporting your Open Source strategy
  • Studying your intangible assets and helping you enhance them
  • Transmitting our know-how to your legal, purchasing, HR, Top & Middle management teams

This support, carried out through the activity of LINAGORA Consulting Services (LCS) relies on the skills of LINAGORA's most experienced employees, to share the know-how and best practices of its business as an Open Source software publisher.

LCS' scope of intervention covers 360° of the strategic, technical and legal issues of Open Source such as the optimization of technology choices, platformization strategies, code valuation, the choice of efficient business models, the reduction of Information Systems costs, code compliance audits and associated remediation plans, third-party code integration and community reversion strategies, supplier management purchasing processes, securing international exports with regard to American and European regulations.

Among the most representative assignments of LCS' broad area of expertise are Open Source Master Plans, during which LCS enables, through its decision support tools, to design and organize the implementation of effective strategies, via clear opportunities and strong Governance, designed by maximizing the onboarding of the teams involved.

The success of these consulting missions is the foundation of LINAGORA's role as a trusted third party for the French Administration and a large number of prestigious private organizations in France and internationally.

3 Open Source Use Cases Often Targeted

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