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LINAGORA’s latest actions in the Russian market

Third International Scientific Forum “Stepping into the future: artificial intelligence and digital economy” and signature of MOU with the Russian company Nanosemantics Alexandre Zapolsky, the Chairman of LINAGORA, participated in the Third International Scientific Forum “Stepping into the future: artificial intelligence and digital economy” that took place in Moscow on...
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Hanoï Innovation Summit

The Hanoi Innovation Summit is an international innovation event taking place 29th and 30th of August in Hanoï, Vietnam.Hanoi Innovation Summit’s sole purpose is to build a long-lasting bridge between leading global innovators and Asia’s blooming innovation ecosystem. "We see drastic growth in interactions between emerging Southeast Asian economies and...
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OGP Global Summit

Our LINAGORA Canada attended the 6th edition of the OGP Global Summit the 29-31 of May in Ottawa, hosted by the Government of Canada. The Global Summit has gathered about 79 member countries and 20 local governments of OGP, and also participants from local and regional governments, civil society groups,...
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LINAGORA organises a Conference in Moscow, Russia – 5th June

As part of the roadmap for this French-Russian Digital Business Alliance, LINAGORA is organising a conference in Moscow on the 5th of June 2019. The conference will be dedicated to issues and challenges of the digital economy and to cooperation between Russian and French digital ecosystems. More precisely the name...
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“Tech for Good” Summit in Paris

« How can technology contribute to the common good, and give a positive impact on society ? », was the theme of the second edition of the “Tech for Good” Summit, organized by the French President Emmanuel Macron at l’Elysée, on May the 15th. Alexandre Zapolsky, Chairman of LINAGORA, was very honored to...
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Retour sur l’#OpenTahitiNight

La Famille de LINAGORA réunie pour l'#OpenTahitiNight Le 17 mai dernier, LINAGORA a soufflé sa 19ème bougie au coeur de l’Aquarium de Paris. Une soirée sur le thème de la Polynésie pour fêter également la récente labellisation de la French Tech Polynésie, le lancement du Digital Festival Tahiti, et la...
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