• With Petals, enhance
  • your enterprise-wide service
  • architecture to bring scalability,
  • high availabilty & loose-coupling in
  • processes & integration management.




Petals ESB has always focused on the need for deployment flexibility. It has thus been designed from the bottom up to be deployable across many different infrastructure configurations, while minimizing administration and routing complexity for us human administrators.

Petals ESB supports organizations as they grow their system architecture by providing an all-in-one solution to easily integrate new software and monitor the overall health of the system.

Petals Features

Minimize the complexity of any deployment across any infrastructure

A smart discovery system automates the process of mapping and preparing any infrastructure for any new application deployment by simply connecting to a registry server to extract the list of all other nodes in the domain.

Ensure continual high availability and operational performance across your system by taking advantage of our natively distributed database manager to deploy as many registry servers as your system needs.

Ensure effective message transmission throughout the many different parts of your infrastructure

Petals uses connectors (communication protocols support) and transformation engines (manipulate message format).

So, for example, it's easy to make a SQL server and XML-reader application talk to each other.

Easy implementation

Petals packages many tools and features together to facilitate simple configuration, administration and monitoring.

  • Powerful Command-Line Interface for administration.
  • Scripts support.
  • Debian packages for Petals containers and CLI.
  • Support of Nagios and Cacti for logs exploitation.

Retrieve and analyse all process informations to detect and resolve efficiency issues

Petals stores all kind of informations about your messages in machine readable form.

You can easily take advantage of this historic information with dedicated tools such as ElasticSearch suite or included BI tools.


Licenses and Buiness Model

We love Open Source Software, and that is why Petals ESB is a Libre & Free software.

Libre (Free in French) – Anyone has the ability to use and develop upon Petals ESB however they would like.

Free – The software and license are 100% free of charge to download and use at any time.

Our Licenses

The Petals ESB license is an official GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Petals ESB license

Connectors & Transformation Engines

Petals Studio

Petals BPM

Our Services

To make sure your organization has the highest level of security and productivity, we offer technical support contracts for purchase that cover everything and anything from deployment planning to hands-on optimization.

Petals' technical support team works in tandem with the R&D team in order to help customers remain updated on system enhancements while simultaneously contributing to Petals’ continual development and evolution.


petals.ow2.org: community website.

doc.petalslink.com: admin and developer documentation.

planet.petalslink.com: Petals related blog aggregation.

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