Please note, we adapt this recruitment process according to specifc candidate profiles.
Be prepared!

3 interviews to take on…

By gathering as much information as possible beforehand about the position, the related business line, and Linagora (activities, culture, ambition, challenges), you will be able to better meet our expectations during the interview.


A few tips

Be curious!


Do not hesitate to ask questions. We really appreciate when candidates question us at the end of an interview. This demonstrates how interested you are in our business and our activities.


Know why you are here


We do not offer any subscription discounts for the golf club.
Here are a few clues: we really enjoy computer geeks in general, and especially Open Source fans.



We are not here to eat you alive…
Be yourself, feel at ease. Overall it is an exchange of information, and we want to get a good understanding of
your experiences and your professional background.

No need to exaggerate!

The reason you are here is because we have a real interest in you.
Just carefully prepare, because during the interview you will need to convince us in a very short amount of time.
To prepare for this exercise it may be a good idea to screen your resume in view of our needs.
Don't end up just list your skills to us, insteaad try to demonstrate what you can bring to us. Provide us with precise examples.

 Duty calls?


If you are late or not able to make it, please let us know.
Don't arrive just on time, but 15 minutes before the first interview, in order to complete paperwork for your application.


Did everything go well during the interview?

Your interviewer always enjoy a thank-you email.
You will thus be able to show your motivation, and
add anything you might have forgotten.