Bleeding-edge technologies for next-gen IT!

LINAGORA Labs gathers many IT PhDs that dedicate themselves to conceive efficient ways to manage evermore complex infrastructures:

  • Large-scale collaboration: ensuring the exchange of information while not bothering user with bloated interfaces or flood of notifications.
  • Robust and flexible infrastructures: facilitate load-balancing, high-availability, automated deployment on heterogeneous environments.
  • Data mining: provide analysts and managers easy way to grasp pertinent information and create tailored reports.
  • Business workflows: how to keep processes as efficient as possible through regular monitoring and refactoring.

Huge commitment for huge ambitions

Born in 2004 and led by Jean-Pierre Lorré, experienced Research Project Manager, our PhD team works with many different partners (Universities, Research laboratories, big IT companies) on French and European projects.

We already achieved more than fifteen projects among which many were middle-ware and infrastructure oriented.
LINAGORA is currently engaged in several French and European projects such as OpenPaaS and gSafe, and more are coming soon.

Open Source spirit, shared knowledge

It is not always acceptable for all partners working on a project to fully publish all results under a free software license. However, we always make every possible effort to convince partners to do so.
As for us, all code source that we produce during the research project realization is published under a free software license.
Some projects led to the birth of exploitable software, such as Petals ESB, ALERT, OpenPaaS (current) or gSafe (current).

Want to learn more? Visit our dedicated platform,, and discover our partners network and rich portfolio!