• OpenPaaS drives teamwork
  • by combing PaaS flexability
  • and next-gen collaboration apps,
  • the Enterprise Social Network.




An enterprise social network

A platform ready to deploy on the cloud

An application marketplace

OpenPaaS Features

Deploy your own scalable decentralized collaboration network

By taking advantage of the PaaS level, minimize the complexity that is usually found within resilient architectures through smart design and efficient tools.

  • ROBOCONF standalone tool to automate heterogeneous deployment.
  • Load balancing mechanisms.
  • Complete control of your data.



Nurture knowledge transmission and promote solidarity in your teams

As teams become more international and mobile, it becomes harder to maintain good knowledge sharing, efficient collaboration and productive team-building. We address these issues by putting an emphasis on the commonalities between people and visual communication.

  • Unlimited communities
  • Import/Export of Contacts
  • Extensive personal profile
  • Smart permissions to quickly integrate clients and partners into communities
  • Bidirectional Information push between emails and ESN
  • Advanced document search
  • User search by skills or centers of interests
  • Multi-users videoconference

OpenPaaS App store module managerExpand your collaboration's infrastructure

  • Cherry-pick apps from the public app marketplace
  • Design your own apps and share them
  • Or create your private app marketplace

OpenPaaS Open Social PlatformBuild upon your current tools

OpenPaaS platform and its associated applications make it a point of being fully compliant with Open Standards and to keep data 100% accessible.

  • Complete social and open API
  • Developer documentation
  • 100% standard-based software
  • Full Javascript stack for RSE
  • WebRTC for video-conferencing
  • Free software!


open-paas.org: community website


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