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Open Source Software Assurance

OSSA acts as an insurance policy that provides your DevOps team a 24/7 direct access to tier 4 open source architects for any question or issue.

LINAGORA OSSA covers a wide list of top open source packages including Apache Web Server, CentOS Linux, Tomcat, Wildfly and the most innovative open source technologies including Docker/Kubertenes, MongoDB, Node.js, ELK, …

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It’s not just technical support

Our architects are true experts across the stack, offering skills and experience to optimize performance, complete system upgrades, perform security and architecture reviews, hold on-site classroom training, and much more.

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We propose 3 levels of support with guaranteed service level agreements (SLA) to provide the right level and access that your team demands.

Critical Support

provides 24/7 coverage to keep enterprise production applications up and running

Business Support

provides 5/7 coverage for your sensitive applications

Standard Support

provides 5/7 coverage including expert support on the configuration, integration, and use of open source software

The 1st largest community of Free Software Companies

LINAGORA brings together the 1st largest community of Free Software Companies
to meet the needs of customers all over the world and for all free software

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