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OpenPaaS Solutions


The open source collaboration platform

OpenPaaS is the OBM next generation

Reshape your collaboration

With OpenPaas, digital collaboration is now simple and efficient.
Core applications such as mail, calendar, contacts, professional communities are available in one place. Because it’s free and open, you can deploy it into your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

Lead your own digital transformation

Our goal is to help you to fully achieve your digital transformation.
With OpenPaaS you can become a digital platform and act as a platform, by offering on-demand services to your users.

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LinShare Solutions


Open Source secure file sharing for business

Linshare is an Open Source secure file sharing application intended to cover your business security and file transfer needs. If confidentiality and traceability are paramount for your business file transfers, then LinShare is your solution and better yet it’s free !

Be Free
Respect your privacy

LinShare provides you the freedom and confidentiality to retrieve your files anywhere from a web-based application or through integration with other enterprise collaboration applications such as OBM, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

If you need Asynchronous share, Collaboration, Secured uploads, Data control, Activity logs and Amazing support this solution is for you !

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logo twake


Open Source communication platform for team

Collaborate with anyone

Twake is an open source platform that improves your teamwork. Reduce cumbersome email exchanges by communicating with your partners directly via chat. Share information and documents instantaneously with your whole team.

Work in full security

Our databases are encrypted and so are your files, so that only you decide who can access your data. They are stored entirely in Europe! Twake complies with RGPD regulations.
Using Twake is an easy step to greatly increase the sovereignty of your data.


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LinTO Smart Open Source Assistant Solution


The Smart Open Source Assistant

LinTO is a smart Open Source assistant designed by LINAGORA: based only on Open Source technologies, LinTO is cloud enabled but GAFAM free (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple-Microsoft). LinTO respects your privacy as it doesn’t share your data for commercial use.

Privacy, Open & Ethical by design

LinTO is designed to reduce time-consuming & stressful tasks. It uses a smart AI program to understand your voice and helps you all along the office day even during meetings.

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Lin ID Solutions


Open source identity and access management (IAM) and identity authentication

LinID is an enterprise-grade software stack for identity and access management (IAM) and identity authentication.

Your identity is well protected

LinID has four components:

1. LinID directory server to configure reference directories containing user data

2. LinID directory manager for identity and interface management

3. Lin ID provisioning manager to sync identification data

4. LinID access and federation manager for configuring identity authentication and web-based SSO

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SecurePGP KMS Solution

Secure PGP

Solution for securing internal and external exchanges
files between applications, compliant with the OpenPGP standard

SecurePGP KMS (Key Management System) is the central key management system for PGP keys (both master and application keys). The keys generated by the system meet the standards specified by OpenPGP (RFC 4880) and the Banque de France’s (Bank of France’s) OpenPGP Convention, and are thus interoperable with the Banque de France, and any of its partners’, applications.

Secure & de-secure files

SecurePGP Server provides the ability to secure and de-secure files. It is composed of several modules to support the following platforms: AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linuz (RHEL), and Windows Server.

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Petals ESB Solution


The distributed Open-Source Enterprise Service Bus

Petals ESB has always focused on the need for deployment flexibility. It has thus been designed from the bottom up to be deployable across many different infrastructure configurations, while minimizing administration and routing complexity for us human administrators.

The strength of an ESB

Petals ESB supports organizations as they grow their system architecture by providing an all-in-one solution to easily integrate new software and monitor the overall health of the system

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