OGP Global Summit

Our LINAGORA Canada attended the 6th edition of the OGP Global Summit the 29-31 of May in Ottawa, hosted by the Government of Canada. The Global Summit has gathered about 79 member countries and 20 local governments of OGP, and also participants from local and regional governments, civil society groups, academia…

The goal of the Summit is to share experiences and create all together solutions for more open and transparent governments around the world. We are engaged each year to this event.

Alexandre Zapolsky, our President, and our LINAGORA Canada Team had the opportunity to welcome the Quebec Minister of Digital at their booth, Éric Caire. This meeting as well as this event, was the occasion for us to share our vision of a Third Digital Way, between the USA and Chinese Internet giants, through our solution such as, our Open Platform OpenPaaS and our Smart Business assistant LinTO!

Alexandre Zapolsky defends the fact that “There is no Open Governement with the potential of Open Source.

See you next year, at the 7th edition of the OGP Global Summit!

Alexandre Zapolsky, at the OGP Global Summit :

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