LINAGORA organises a Conference in Moscow, Russia – 5th June

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As part of the roadmap for this French-Russian Digital Business Alliance, LINAGORA is organising a conference in Moscow on the 5th of June 2019.

The conference will be dedicated to issues and challenges of the digital economy and to cooperation between Russian and French digital ecosystems. More precisely the name of the event is «French and Russian companies: how to develop ‘Third digital way’ based on ethical, sustainable and inclusive technologies & how open source could be a new driver for digital economy and innovation in Russia». Within the topic speakers of the conference will discuss how Russia can take an advantage from using open source in order to be more independent and to develop its digital sovereignty, how is it possible to create innovative and scalable digital services that will be an alternatives to the solutions of the foreign Internet giants and a lot more.

The event aims to gather at one site relevant to the topic of the conference political decision-makers, representatives of the governments and business. The goal of the dialogue between these people is to create a solid collaboration between both countries.

We believe that today Russia represents one of the most interesting examples of how to build an independent digital economy and ecosystem by creating national IT companies (Yandex, Group, Technoserv, social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, others) which may be competitors to well-known foreign Internet giants. This is an experience that should be learned not only by France but by the «world» for the win-win cooperation where national companies can beat these Internet giants. Thus, LINAGORA invites you to be a part of the beginning of this partnership that will bring great economic success and digital independence to both Russia and France!

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