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LINAGORA at the Mobile World Congress 2019 !

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This year, the Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile tradeshow of the year, attracted more than 107 000 visitors and 2000 exhibitors.

LINAGORA was at the center of the French Tech’s zone, in which we were proud to present OpenPaaS, our Open Collaborative Platform and LinTO, our Open Source Smart Assistant.

We also shared with people our vision of a ‘Third Digital Way’: respectful of user rights, inclusive and sustainable, able to provide an alternative to the American or Chinese digital giants.

During this amazing week, we picked up lots of new prospects and new relationships. Many different companies were interested in OpenPaaS, and in our values.

We were also very pleased, to welcome on our booth Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, who was very interested in OpenPaas and LinTO ! Deutsche Telekom, with a 75.7 billion euros revenu, is one of the main European Telecommunication Giants. We had a one hour long chat and shared very interesting insights about our GAFAM-Free vision.

Alexandre Zapolsky, President of LINAGORA : “I really think Deutsche Telekom with Orange have to take the leadership to build a Third digital way between the US Internet giants and the Chinese ones ! Let’s build together in Europe, and with our strategic Allies, a Third digital way more ethical more inclusive more sustainable! I am ready to take my responsibilities as President of LINAGORA and as member of Conseil National du Numérique (CNNum).”

This MWC edition was also marked by a special event: at the Mobile Sunday, Benedict Evans, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, claimed – in line with our convictions -, that Open Source is the new TREND. Open Source has the wind in its sails.

After this big event MWC, we are exhibiting in many other shows to pursue incredible business opportunities!

The Third Digital Way is on its way… Let’s it build it together!

Alexandre Zapolsky President of LINAGORA, Timotheus Hottges CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Omar Tazi Vice President of Deutsche Telekom, and Michel-Marie Maudet General Manager of LINAGORA
Benoît Tellier, from LINAGORA Vietnam has been promoted as Chairman of Apache James
Alexandre Zapolsky is engaged in a 'Polynesian French Tech'