Hanoï Innovation Summit

The Hanoi Innovation Summit is an international innovation event taking place 29th and 30th of August in Hanoï, Vietnam.

Hanoi Innovation Summit’s sole purpose is to build a long-lasting bridge between leading global innovators and Asia’s blooming innovation ecosystem.

“We see drastic growth in interactions between emerging Southeast Asian economies and Europe”

Céline Charpiot-Zapolsky, CEO Linagora Vietnam, will be part of the Hanoï Innovation Summit for these 2 days. With major tech players from around the world, they will define and redefine innovation’s future and how to accelerate growth :

👉 Bring together international players and boost ecosystem inter connectivity with planning IT & tech events like Hanoi Innovation Summit.
👉 Facilitate the growth of a tech talent pool by remoting workers : this a growing trend in Asia.
👉 Increase investment for helping development of Asian ventures in Europe.

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