Céline Zapolsky at the Vietnam Internet Forum 2019

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This 20 & 21 March, Céline Zapolsky, Vice-President of LINAGORA and CEO of LINAGORA Vietnam, attended the Vietnam Internet Forum 2019, to present the values of LINAGORA and the opportunities Open Source could give to the Asian market. 

The Vietnam Internet Forum 2019 gathered Government officials, impact entrepreneurs, civil society representatives, journalists, researchers, students, business leaders, and investors, to discuss about different topics, such as digital Government, impact-tech, media literacy and source criticism, Smart Cities, and much more.

This Vietnam Internet Forum 2019, focused on topics such as “the Internet’s contribution to an innovative, sustainable and Open society”. This was the opportunity for LINAGORA to spread its ideas about collaboration in the Open Source market, and also share about our vision a “Third Digital Way”, respectful of user rights, inclusive and sustainable, able to provide an alternative to the American or Chinese digital giants.

Céline Zapolsky met investors, innovators and other business leaders to exchange on how the Internet can foster development in a sustainable and inclusive way, that provide information and opportunities for all.

During her speech, Céline Zapolsky mentionned the fact that: “With Open Source we build another future more sustainable, more respectful for people’s privacy, more ethic. (…) We believe that Innovation shouldn’t benefit to a small amount of persons. It has to be shared to as many people as possible. (…) Being involved in a company means contributing to communities. LINAGORA since 19 years, has made more than 43 000 contributions to Open Source technology”

Céline Zapolsky shared the idea that companies should invest in the communities: “Investing in education for the people working around us, because more and more people are able to use Open Source technologies, and more people are creating their own job whether they are self-employed or contribute to other Open Source software, communities etc.”

LINAGORA has also invested for a long time through Open Up with Bach Khoa University in Hanoi. Céline Zapolsky defended the fact that companies need to be involved in education: “you learn by doing”. Technology and Education brings opportunities for people who have not the opportunity to study at universities, but are able to learn Tech very fast.

Let’s build a Third Digital Way together!

Extract from Céline Zapolsky’s speech:

Photos of the Vietnam Internet Forum:

Alexandre Zapolsky at the "Rencontres de l’Entreprise"
Céline Zapolsky at the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum