Scalable infrastructure for content distribution

Bring VOD to millions of people!
Java / JBI / Petals ESB
Orange, wordwide telecommunications provider.
Ambitious project of VOD platform for French (then international) market.
Current platform insufficient to answer two-digits annual growth of clients.
Avoid tight-coupling and bags of bones between applications and servers.
Make the infrastructure configurable, deployable and maintenable by a small team.
Be able to scale the distribution service without limits.
Design the new architecture on a Petals ESB basis.
Help Orange 3-man team to deploy the new architecture.
Support runtime infrastructure.
Only three people needed to fully configure, deploy and integrate Petals.
Integrated load-balancing and fail-safe mechanisms make it wisthand three-digits growth.
Standard-compliant and modular make it easily adaptable in the long run.

When a VOD service is overwhelmed by its own success...

Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunication operators. With consolidated sales of 50.9 billion euros and almost 193 million clients in 32 countries at the end of December 2009, Orange is a European leader in the global telecommunications industry.

The Orange brand covers internet, television and mobile services. Orange is the number three mobile operator and the number two provider of broadband internet services in Europe. Under the brand Orange Business Services, Orange is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

Orange sells Orange TV, a service offering channel bundles and videos on demand. As a victim of its own success (100% increase in client base from 2007 to 2008) the Orange TV platform rapidly began to approach a state of over-capacity.

Faced with this challenge Orange had no other choice than to choose an infrastructure that would address current capacity needs while simultaneously facilitating further expansion.

Thus, to meet all of Orange TV's needs the right solution had to be scalable, agile, easy to set up (to meet significant new demand as promptly as possible) and guarantee high availability of the services.

Bring scalability to your infrastructure with Petals!

The legacy platform had direct point-to-point interfaces with every application supporting Orange TV services.

To resolve the issue of available capacity Orange wanted to deploy a second identical platform. To avoid the cost in time and money of modifying the entire infrastructure Orange decided to use an intelligent routing solution that would be responsible for managing service requests between the two platforms.

After studying available solutions Orange chose Petals ESB, the open source enterprise service bus to act as service broker and perform intelligent routing between the two platforms.

With just three software engineers Orange was able to integrate Petals ESB into their infrastructure in less than three months thanks to the following aspects of a Petals ESB solution:

  • native support for intelligent routing;
  • standards compliant, for best interoperability;
  • all connectors available by default for implementation in the project;
  • open source licensing ensuring product adaptability.

Beyond the obvious benefits in terms of project cost efficiencies in the short-term, Orange saves in the long term with the incumbent architecture: Petals ESB ensures constant high-level service availability whatever the multiple of platforms in use.

Thanks to Petals ESB Orange has been able to consistently support the phenomenal growth of their client base (360% between December 2008 and October 2009) by adding additional platforms integrated by Petals ESB that has resulted in absolutely zero degradation of the quality of service experienced by their users.