NEOMA Interactive is integrated into LINAGORA


LINAGORA is proud to announce the recent acquisition of the digital agency NEOMA Interactive, experts in UX design and digital communication strategy.

This new alliance between LINAGORA and NEOMA Interactive comes in response to an increased emphasis on enriching the content & design and improve the user experience for LINAGORA's software. LinStudio, the web agency of LINAGORA specializing in major Open Source web projects, has already integrated the new team members of NEOMA Interactive into their team.

Alexandre Zaplosky, CEO of LINAGORA : "I am very proud that the NEOMA Interactive team is joining LINAGORA! This acquisition is not due to any bumps in the road. We are driven to improve the user experience and design of our Open Source solutions. Our strategy is to strengthen the quality of the LinStudio team by adding new experts. In other words, with NEOMA, we are staying ahead in a digital sector that is constantly changing. This is a tremendous asset for both ourselves and our customers.

Integrating the new team into the operations of LINAGORA will have two major outcomes. On one hand, LINAGORA will expand its offerings 360 degrees, by creating web platforms and software of even higher quality that offers the best user experience possible. On the other, NEOMA Interactive will support the customized solutions provided by LINAGORA, allowing for a superior response to the growing customer base in France and more importantly on an international level.

Christophe Clouzea, founder of NEOMA Interactive is very please with this integration : "This is a true bond that we can continue to grow by supporting the international and multidisciplined technical experts of Open Source! There is also a strategic component that we can take advantage on by mixing our expertise in both the public and private markets.

NEOMA Interactive’s integration began in March. After only a short incubation phase, LINAGORA’s project managers and team leaders have already started working with the new team. The synergy is looking very optimistic, as the projects overall are now rapidly delivering new interactive experiences, which is particular promising for the rest of what LINAGORA has to offer.

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