LINAGORA is selected for the VITAM project


LINAGORA is selected to lead development of the VITAM project, the future archiving platform for the French government.

Three Ministries are involved in electronic archiving

The three ministries that are legally responsible for the government archives (Ministry of Foriegn Affairs & International Development, Culture & Communication, and Defense) came together under the Inter-ministry Committee for French Archives (CIAF) to steer the Directorate of Digital, Information Systems & Communication of the Government (DINSIC). Through DINSIC, they have launched the program Valeurs Immatérielles Transmises aux Archives pour Mémoire (VITAM), translated to Values Transmitted to the Archives for History, in order to take an innovative technological leap forward.

The VITNAM project aims to develop a software solution to meet the current needs of departments in managing, processing, preserving, and accessing digital archives, either traditionally captured of through paperless operations.




The project is entrusted to LINAGORA

LINAGORA has been selected to develop the back-office software for the electronic record keeping on behalf of the French government through the VITAM project.

The VITNAM project will be implemented through using the Agile methodology. Thus, the technical and technological decisions will be developed over an iterative process. The software solution will be released under an open license and is ensured to be easily installable and user friendly.

Development is mainly focused on the Java ecosystem, while conforming to the framework, standards and procedures of the project sponsor.

LINAGORA is proud to be selected for its services and expertise by the French government and for the opportunity to build one of the major foundations necessary for the wide adaption of paperless documentation.



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