LINAGORA contributes to the development of AccorHotels Arena's new hospitality platform

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A spotlight project

SAE POPB is the management company of the sports and concert venue AccorHotels Arena (previously known as Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy).
With over 20,300 seats, AccorHotels Arena has earned its rank in the Top 5 Auditoriums Worldwide.
As a French SME, LINAGORA is proud to contribute to this project that plays a crucial role in Paris' bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

A winning intervention

In July 2015, SAE POPB set forth to develop a new version of AccorHotels Arena’s VIP hospitality platform. The plan for this new platform included development of new tools and integration with new services and complementary features.

SAE POPB wanted a flexible platform that allowed VIPs to easily manage their reservations, whether it was for lounges, changing rooms or other services.

LINAGORA took on this project and delivered a platform that was exactly what the company expected.

An ongoing partnership

Guillaume LAIRLOUP, CIO of AccorHotels Arena, has expressed how highly satisfied he is with the perfromance of LINAGORA's team.

Internally, SAE POPB appreciates the optimal simplification of the reservation system, especially since it is now integrated with the company’s existing invoicing tool.
Externally, the new platform improves the experience and overall satisfaction of major account customers, in addition to providing a more professional image of AccorHotels Arena.

In recognition of this successful platform, SAE POPB has asked LINAGORA to support additional activities to their support long-term strategy.

And so begins a long-term partnership between both companies.



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