How Linagora contributes to James 3.0 release


When did this love story has started?

The modularity and the great code base of James attracted Linagora 3 years ago. Also, it is easy to make James interact with applications, and we can read emails directly from browsers.
The aim of the initial development was to explore James source code by implementing a new backend using Cassandra.
After some months of works, we were able to use Linagora’s James backend in tests.


Then, it was time to go ahead, and our new goal was not only to implement a backend but also to be contribute to the Apache community in order to release James 3.0.
The development of the James 3.0 version has been started seven years ago.
A lot of great new features has been developed since this time, so it was the time to do much work in order to publish the release.
That’s why Linagora create a team of five open source developers who are working on this project since two years.


We had worked during those two years with the same agile methods as other Linagora teams.
It’s a real great pleasure to work on such open source projects handled by the Apache foundation.
The previous committers/PMC of the project were helpful and they thank most of us by inviting us to become committers (and some PMC).

The main step were the following:

  • development of a dedicated Continuous Integration System (a system that plays tests automatically, based on Jenkins and docker)
  • enhancement of the Cassandra backend (the proof of concept has been rewritten using Java 8)
  • enhancement of the James website (new single page website, technical content has been reworked)
  • tools/documentation addition for new comers (docker-compose)
  • implementation of a new indexing backend (ElasticSearch)
  • implementation of a new HTTP base mail protocol (JMAP)
  • introduce monitoring tools (Grafana for metrics, Kibana for logs)
  • introduce a new way to administrate James (WebAdmin)
  • develoment of external stress-tests for IMAP, SMTP, JMAP protocols (based on Gatling)

What we learned

During all this long development, we have learned or enhanced a lot of technical aspects: Cassandra, ElasticSearch, docker…:

And also we have learned a lot on our own agile team process:

What’s left

We have a lot of work left, but as we are satisfied by the global James performances and the final user documentation we are going to release James in the next weeks.
We will always be happy to answer to James users on Gitter.
Linagora also offers professional support on James.



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