The French Government supports OpenPaaS !


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French governement supports a major research program intending to develop a french collaborative platform : OpenPaaS

Within the context of the French « Investissements d'Avenir », the french government has decided to support the OpenPaaS research and Development Program for a total amount of 10,7 M€. This support aims at participating in the 20 M€ research effort planed for the next 4 years by the consortium led by Linagora.

OpenPaaS ( is a R&D program over four years, conducted by a consortium consisting of three innovative SMEs (LINAGORA, XWIKI, Nexedi) and two public laboratories (LIX and LORIA)

The program has been appraised by Bpifrance as part of a « structuring program for the competitiveness of the economy » (in French: PSPC), aiming at strengthening the global position of french companies on growing markets by building long-lasting relations between industries, services and research organizations. After this careful appraisal and the labelling from Cap Digital (competitiveness cluster for digital transformation), OpenPaaS has been submitted for funding to the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry (in French : DGE). “Without Bpifrance support, we would not have been able to set up such a project. Bpifrance's fast and detailed examination helped us improve our project. Their teams helped us to produce a program that can cope with both industrial challenges for the consortium and academic challenges for research laboratories, while generating numerous externalities” explained Alexandre Zapolsky, CEO of LINAGORA.

More specifically, the project is intended to federate all communication channels and collaborative tools designed for users within a single platform. OpenPaaS aims to launch a new cloud computing platform that will integrate, besides all standard communication features (email,  calendars, contacts, mobility), a smart corporate social network, some collaborative publishing services and advanced cooperation features such as contextual recommendation or automatic summarization of virtual meetings.

OpenPaaS is meant to ensure an active and independent french offer in an area dominated by the Americans : Microsoft (Microsoft 365), Google (Google Entreprises), Amazon (Amazon Entreprises) or SalesForce ( The software platform is expected to be completely open (thanks to a source code available under a free license), deployable in the Cloud, and open to developers under free license. Moreover, this comprehensive desktop software solution will be suited to both public administrations and private companies.

LINAGORA welcomes this decision as a strong positive signal for all Open Source and digital players. In supporting this project, the French Government is opting for employment, innovation and competitiveness.

The Research and Development efforts can contribute to enrich France's Free Software heritage, while enabling France to build its own digital sovereignty. “Ensuring France's digital independency is a crucial subject” insisted Ludovic Dubost, Founder and COO of XWIKI SAS, who has been defending this idea for a long time.

Alexandre ZAPOLSKY concluded : « we can only encourage the French State to become the first user of this platform. It would consistent for the “purchaser” State to take the position of a strategic relay for the “investor” State in order to assure market for the funded technologies. At a time when the French State is thinking about building its new cross-Ministerial mail system, it seems rather obvious that the confidence placed in Linagora through the OpenPaaS funding is an additional argument to select our software offer. »


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