First alpha release of OpenPaaS is available !

OpenPaaS Open Social Platform

Linagora is very proud to announce the immediate availability of the first alpha release of OpenPaaS, codename "Mach10".

As you may know, we put a lot of effort in building this software and we would like to share it so that we can get feedback from the community in order to improve it. We provide easy ways to get your hands on this release (docker images, a pre-built virtual machine, complete installation and configuration documents, etc.) that you can find on our website We hope you will like it!

We also provide a lot of tutorial videos on our dedicated Youtube channel.


We will be pleased to get feedback from you, feel free to send us any question you may have. You can reach us in multiple ways:


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LINAGORA is one of the leading Open Source Software company in the world. LINAGORA brings innovation, Open platform and digital independence to its customers. LINAGORA is well-known as e-gov specialist but works also with large private organizations.With software such as OBM, which is a collaborative messaging software, and LinShare, which is a secure file sharing software, and its Open Social Platform OpenPaaS, LINAGORA stands up to global software and "platforms" giants. This is one of the few non-US companies to offer an alternative to the proprietory solutions. Thus, with its software, LINAGORA supports nearly half of the French government and has already deployed its solutions in many other countries.LINAGORA has offices in France, Belgium, Canada, Vietnam and Tunisia and and sells its software and services around the world. LINAGORA is very active in emerging high-growth countries, particularly in Africa.LINAGORA is an Innovative SME with over 200 people internationally. The founders own 100% of capital. Founded in 2000, LINAGORA is today a French digital champion. As such, LINAGORA has received numerous awards and prizes, and is a proud supporter of the French Tech initiative in France but also in Africa, Vietnam and Canada.