CES 2019 : Press Release

Revue de presse-CES2019-LinTO
LINAGORA was at CES 2019 to present LinTO, their Open Source vocal assistant. An event marked with many meetings, discoveries, passionating conversations and many interviews ! Here are some of our selection. Michaël Bailly, Product Owner OpenPaaS, Gary Shapiro, Président du CES et Alexandre Zapolsky, Président Fondateur de LINAGORA. Extrait de l'article "CES: premières surprises avant les grandes annonces" paru sur Le Point. Article complet : Mickael Bailly, Product Owner OpenPaaS, Michel-Marie-Maudet, co-Fondateur de LINAGORA et Déborah Loye, Journaliste Les Echos. Extrait de l'article "CES 2019: des innovations pour améliorer le quotidien" paru sur Le Figaro. Article complet :
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LINAGORA, the French Open Source key-player, is very pleased to introduce the latest version of LinTO, a Smart Open Source Assistant, at CES 2019.

LinTO is a free and Open Source Smart Voice Assistant, designed by LINAGORA LinTO is designed to understand your voice, and help your company to improve its productivity throughout the entire day, and especially during meetings. All source code is available, it’s free and will always be. Available here : Privacy, customization, and openness are the key features of LinTO. You can deploy LinTO in your own infrastructure and the Speech To Text is processed locally without any data going to the cloud. It is GAFAM-free, and respects your privacy. Your data never leaves your IT system and can’t be steel for commercial use. LinTO is based on a hardware and software Open Source Platform : we can extend...
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Qwant’s collaboration with LINAGORA

Qwant Michel Marie Maudet
Qwant, known as the 'search engine that respects your privacy' is about to launch a mail application powered by OpenPaaS. Qwant Michel Marie Maudet Read the article
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The 10th Rencontres du Numérique, or the Need for a Third Digital Way

Rencontres du numérique - Alexandre Zapolsky
The 10th Rencontres du Numérique, or the Need for a Third Digital Way The 10th edition of the Rencontres du Numérique took place Wednesday, December 12 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. At the menu this year: the growing influence of regions, innovation and cybersecurity and the development of digital services in France. From the outset of the talk, the problem of Europe's growing dependence on foreign digital services, hardware, software as well as infrastructure-wise, has set the tone for the conference. Laure de La Raudière, Member of the Parliament, representant of the Eure-et-Loire region and co-chair of the study group on Cybersecurity and Digital Sovereignty called for “a massive, powerful awakening of public policies”: “I ask you...
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LINAGORA at Telecom Nancy’s graduation ceremony

Alexandre Zapolsky - Nancy Telecom
Alexandre Zapolsky, President of LINAGORA, awards their diplomas to the students of the Telecom-Nancy engineering school. This weekend, Alexandre Zapolsky, President of LINAGORA, French champion of free software, had the joy of handing over their diplomas to the students of Télécom-Nancy engineering school, which he sponsored the 2018 Promotion. A great moment for he and for these young talents, which he has been following for 3 years. Sabine Rolland, LINAGORA's Director of Human Resources, was at his side. Citizen entrepreneur, Alexandre Zapolsky defends a "3rd Digital Way", ethical, inclusive and sustainable, capable of bringing a European alternative to the American or Chinese giants, respectful of our values. For him, the transmission and sharing of knowledge is the DNA of Open...
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