Open Source Pro n°4

LINAGORA was honored to welcome CIO's from different organizations and share about Open Source technologies at our annual event 'Open Source Pro'. A special thank you to our speakers: Jean-Pierre Corniou, Stéphane Rousseau, Sébastien Drouin, Alain Issarni and Olivier Ezratty. Thank you to all of you for making this event a success! Good news for Open Source softwares: 2018 has been a year of success for the Open Source ecosystem. IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat has played a great impact on the value of Open Softwares. And it is only the beginning according to Alexandre Zapolsky, President of LINAGORA, who tells us about the potential of Open Source softwares. Read Benoît Herr's article published on ERP-infos : Open-Source-LINAGORA-Article
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2018/2019: exceptional years and exponential growth prospects to come for LINAGORA

Press Release Une année 2018 exceptionnelle et des perspectives de croissance exponentielles pour LINAGORA, éditeur de logiciels et plateformes libres. Un contexte international très favorable à l’Open Source En 2018, IBM a racheté Red Hat pour 34 milliards de dollars. Microsoft a racheté Github pour 7,5 milliards de dollars Au total l’année dernière, uniquement aux Etats-Unis, les sociétés Open Source ont réalisé plus de 53 milliards d’euros d’exits (cessions ou introductions en bourse). Par ailleurs, l’Open Source est au cœur de la stratégie de tous les géants de l’Internet. Les GAFAM et les BATX ont construit leurs plateformes numériques en utilisant des logiciels libres, démontrant ainsi à tous les acteurs économiques le chemin à suivre. 2018, année de forte croissance...
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LINAGORA, the French Open Source key-player, is very proud to be back to the Mobile World Congress (25-28 February, Barcelona), to present the first business cases of its Open Platform, OpenPaas, one year after its launch.

Alexandre Zapolsky, Chairman and co-Founder of LINAGORA, Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for the Digital, and Michel-Marie Maudet, CEO and co-Founder of LINAGORA, at MWC 2018. Since its launch at MWC last year, OpenPaas, the Open Source platform, has been able to expand and convince its first international customers. LINAGORA is proud to return to the unmissable global mobile event, to meet new partners and present a demonstration of OpenPaas’s features ! OpenPaaS has been developed by LINAGORA to offer an open source alternative to  G Suite, Office 365 or Amazon Work. In addition to its collaboration features, OpenPaaS is adaptable to all business specificities thanks to its modularity and its open API. Alexandre Zapolsky, Chairman and co-Founder of LINAGORA: ‘OpenPaas'...
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BIG DATA by Basile, our Data Expert

Basile, Engineer specialized in Big Data, joined LINAGORA's team in January. His mission is to contribute to the development of the Data Center and in particular the Big Data activity, while continuing his research work for his thesis. So let's start from the beginning : What is ‘Big Data’? Vision from an expert who likes to share his knowledge and experience, like all the Linagorians. Today Big Data and Machine Learning are present in our daily lives. We meet them for example on Amazon in the blocks of products recommended to our effect. Another visible example of the presence of Big Data in our daily lives is targeted advertising. Perhaps you have realized that very often, the last product that...
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‘Merci l’Europe’ Campaign by the MEDEF

For the MEDEF campaign 'Merci l'Europe' Alexandre Zapolsky, co-Founder and Chairman of LINAGORA, also Member of the « French Digital Council » (Conseil National du Numérique) defends a 'Third Digital Way' at this occasion.
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