• Linstudio, the web agency
  • of Linagora, supports you for
  • all your digital transformations.
  • We work on thinking & building
  • you powerful web applications.


We love open Web !

Web scrum method

We love Drupal

  • Drupal is the most powerful & scalable CMS in the world
  • It can support highly dynamic and diverse platforms and is currently used by millions of organizations
  • Linagora was an early Drupal developer and continues to actively contribute to and promote its community

Web scrum method

We love our teams

  • Amazing contributing developers & project managers create nothing else but amazing work
  • We love the geek culture; especially when it brings innovation & better performance to life
  • Our work culture is based on mutual support, team spirit & commitment

Web scrum method

We love BIG projects

  • Many government organizations & companies have trusted LinStudio to manage their high priority web projects : Gouvernement.fr, McDonald's, Nestlé, L'Humanité & several French Ministries
  • We have the know-how, backed by over 15 years of experience, to successfully deliver on even the most trickiest projects
  • We have the digital magic to fine-tune your application for the best speed, performance and security!

Web scrum method

We love methodology

  • First of all, there is no favorable wind for the one who doesn't know where to go
  • Based on Agile & Scrum methodology, our project management is focused on performance delivery
  • We can prove to you that delivering a project in time is NOT a myth!

Web scrum method

… And we love YOU !

  • We develop strong relationships with our customers & partners so that we are fully dedicated to your goals
  • Loving you also means loving your clients, and designing superior user experiences
  • Because we love you, you will love us too ;)



Get support for your technical setup and decisions, regarding your sales, marketing, communication and business processes.

Our consultants :

  • are up-to-date on the latest technologies and tools for your project
  • contribute to technology-focused publications and benchmark studies
  • test the technological limits with new applications, services, and frameworks
  • work on "proof of concept" initiatives to validate technical recommendations
  • strive for innovation in all projects

Our clients : DGFIP, Harmonie Mutuelles, CNAV, Universciences, Défenseur des Droits...


"Know thy enemy and know thyself"

Continual evolution is crucial for businesses to exist on the web today, yet it is not easy. We can accompany you throughout your complete digital evolution or we can provide specific help along the way to support your digital transformation strategy

  • Market Study: how well are your competitors faring on the web.
  • Internal Study: how adaptable is your business model? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Digital Business design: defining the ideal framework plan and validating on a continual basis.
  • Digital Business bootstrap: detailed action and milestone planning to realize your strategy.
  • Technical study and recommandation : Technical Platform Benchmarking and recommendations regarding your business objectives.

Social Networks, Collaboration Tools, and Extranet Applications

The way we work together has changed dramatically: transversal, participatory, user-centric are the key ingredients for successful collaboration.

We utilize several tools to implement professional social networks, collaboration platforms, business extranet applications:

  • framing development
  • design
  • technical architecture
  • deployment and change management framworks

These tools enable better collaboration in work, co-creation among organizations, knowledge sharing and will help your company improve overall business efficiency.

Our clients : The French Ministry of Finance, the French National Gendarmerie, The French National Industry Committee

The online communication landscape is continually changing by the ongoing emergence of new platforms.

We create corporate websites, mobile applications, and online games... adopting the right solution for your business strategy.

Our clients : McDonalds, L'Humanité, Région Île de France, SIG, Reporter sans Frontières, France 24, French Ministry of Defense

We develop E-commerce and E-CRM platforms that are core components for our customers' business.

These platforms are robust, powerful, and transformative.

Our clients : Nestlé, an international jewelry company, Microworld...



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