• LinID is a robust IAM stack
  • with intuitive admin interfaces
  • and SSO, making life easier for
  • both users and administrators.











LinID is an enterprise-grade software stack for identity and access management (IAM) and identity authentication.

LinID has four components:

1. LinID directory server to configure reference directories containing user data

2. LinID directory manager for identity and interface management

3. Lin ID provisioning manager to sync identification data

4. LinID access and federation manager for configuring identity authentication and web-based SSO

LinID Features

With LinID Directory Server, get a renowned LDAP server with an improved user interface and administration tools.

Simplify the process of creating, tracking and sharing user identity data across your system applications.

A fully configurable administrator interface and toolkit allows you to create directories with the high availability and scalability to fit your organization’s growth and security needs.

With LinID Access & Federation Manager ensure your hundreds, if not thousands, of users have access to the right applications & devices.

Comprehensive access management capabilities give you complete control over application access (including web-based apps) and ensures easy authentication and federation support.

  • RBAC, ORBAC or plain groups-based access control.
  • Single Sign-On authentication.
  • Easy integration with web applications (CMS, portals, EDM).
  • Identity Federation support (SAML 2.0).

With LinID Directory Manager, create and use tailored interfaces to manage your specific system needs.

Start with ready-to-use interfaces with common identity objects and customize as needed to configure data management delegation and set system workflows.

Unify your whole infrastructure by connecting all your users and their access credentials across all your applications and devices.

LDAPv3 directories synchronization and REST APIs & scripts allow data to be duplicated and flow seamlessly so users can focus on their work without distractions

License and Business Model

We love Open Source Software, and that is why LinID is a Libre & Free software.

Libre (Free in French) – Anyone has the ability to use and develop upon LinID however they would like.

Free – The software and license are 100% free of charge to download and use at any time.

Our Licenses

LinID Directory Server: OpenLDAP licence (~BSD) + GPL-licenced scripts

LinID Directory Manager: AGPLv3

LinID Access&Federation Manager: GPL

LinID Provisioning Manager: 2-clauses BSD

Our Services

To make sure your organization has the highest level of security and productivity, we offer technical support contracts for purchase that cover everything and anything from deployment planning to hands-on optimization.

LinID’s technical support team works in tandem with the R&D team in order to help customers remain updated on system enhancements while simultaneously contributing to LinID’s continual development and evolution.


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