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linagora - driven by innovation

The LINAGORA LABS model is based on co-innovation through collaborative research. Together with leading universities, partners, and customers, LINAGORA Labs transforms promising ideas and prototypes into market-ready open-source software.

LINAGORA Labs bring together a diverse group of IT PhDs that are dedicated to continually finding new and efficient ways to manage ever increasingly complex infrastructures:

  • Large-scale collaboration: ensure effective information exchange while not distracting users with bloated interfaces or floods of notifications.
  • Robust and flexible infrastructures: facilitate load-balancing, high availability, and automated deployment on heterogeneous environments.
  • Data mining: provide analysts and managers an easy way to quickly pinpoint pertinent information and create tailored reports.
  • Business workflows: keep processes as efficient as possible through regular monitoring and evaluation.

Huge commitment to huge ambitions

Launched in 2004 and led by Jean-Pierre Lorré, Senior Research Project Manager, our PhD team works with several different types of partners (Universities, research laboratories, large IT companies) on French and European projects.

We have already achieved successful results in more than fifteen projects among which many were middle-ware and infrastructure oriented.
LINAGORA is currently engaged in several French and European projects such as OpenPaaS and gSafe, with more coming soon.

Open Source spirit - shared knowledge

It is not always possible for all project partners to fully publish all results under a free software license. However, we make every possible effort to convince our partners to do so.
For us, all source code that we produce during a research project's implementation is published under a free software license.
Many projects have led to the creation of exploitable software, such as Petals ESB, ALERT, OpenPaaS (current) or gSafe (current).

Want to learn more? Visit our dedicated platform - research.linagora.com - to discover our partner network and diverse portfolio!



gSafe is an open source and standards-based project which aims to deliver a safe-box certified by ANSSI that enables users to securely store and exchange sensitive data on the cloud. Files are signed by the user themselves using certified and secured standards (XAdES, PAdES or CAdES). Before files are uploaded and stored, each document is verified and validated on the server side.  Furthermore, every action, such as an upload or download, is securely logged and saved by a special entity which is also certified by ANSSI.

The expected tangible open-source results include: 

  • The gSafe platform for signing, storing, downloading, indexing and managing confidential and sensitive documents.

  • Usage and implementation of secure and open standards such as XAdES, PAdES and CAdES for signature.

  • A  platform for elastic deployment and reconfiguration on a hybrid cloud, able to provide cloud services for deployment, elasticity management, reconfiguration and supervision. This platform will be supported under the Roboconf project, developed by Linagora and UJF.

Partnership :

Linagora (principle), CertEurope, Novapost, Oppida and Telecom ParisTech

gSafe is funded by Investissements d'Avenir program.

See more at: https://research.linagora.com/display/gsafe/gSafe+Overview



The Learn PAd project is an European FP7-ICT funded project that aims at developing a social, collaborative and learning platform for civil servants. By using the Learn PAd platform, public administrations (PA) staff engage in a holistic and collaborative learning experience, centered around a model that enables easy adaption of the to-be-learned Business Process (BP) into their day-to-day work environments. This learning platform is composed of intuitive and informative visualizations and descriptive contents. To achieve such a goal, Learn PAd will build an innovative holistic e-learning platform for PAs that enables process-driven learning and fosters cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Current objectives include:

  • Identify suitable notations/languages, possibly derived from standard BP notations, to represent the procedural knowledge and context.

  • Develop focused ontologies and specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to support e-Learning in PAs.

  • Perform careful analysis and verification of the effectiveness of the model and associated content, by optimizing the meta-models behind the BP representation.

  • Embed within the platform efficient mechanisms for flow monitoring and simulation to be used for training and self-assessment.

    LearnPAd has been successfully piloted within the context of two real-world case studies: European Project Budget Reporting and Entrepreneur Unique Counter.

Partnership :

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, LINAGORA, BOC Asset Management, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, XWIKI, Universita di Camerino, Universita dell'Aquila, Regione Marche, No Magic Europe.

See more at: http://www.learnpad.eu/



The OCCIware project is a PIA French funded project that aims at developing a formal framework as well as tools for modeling, designing, deploying and executing every computing resource as a service. It will leverage the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) recommendation from Open Grid Forum (OGF).

The expected tangible open-source results include: 

  • The OCCIware formal framework for modeling, designing, developing, simulating, deploying, executing and managing every kind of resource as a service.

  • The OCCIware studio for engineering every kind of resources as a service. This studio contains tools for modeling, designing, developing, simulating resources as a service as well as generating code and decision aids for enterprise architecture migration to cloud services.

  • The OCCIware Models@run.time support consists of a resources container as well as tools for deployment, supervision and administration.

  • A deploy@OCCIware platform for elastic deployment and reconfiguration on a hybrid cloud, providing cloud services for the deployment, elasticity management, reconfiguration, supervision and SLA management of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services through OCCI. This platform will be supported under the Roboconf project, developed by Linagora and UJF.

  • Standardization of the OCCI/OCCIware specifications through the Open Grid Forum (OGF) and Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).

Partnership :

Open Wide, Activeeon, LINAGORA, OBEO, Scalair, Université Joseph Fourier, Télécom Sud Paris, INRIA, Pôle Numérique, OW2

OCCIware is supported by Pôles Systematic, Minalogic, PICOM, Images & Réseaux, Solutions Communicantes et Sécurisées

See more at: http://www.occiware.org



C2Net is a European Horizon 2020 research project.

The goal of C2NET Project is to create cloud-enabled tools to supports the management and optimization of the supply chain within complex manufacturing processes, especially in industries that that involve multiple entities in the designing and creation of new products. C2NET Project will provide scalable real-time architecture, platform and software to allow supply chain partners:

  • to master complexity and data security of the supply network,

  • to store and share product, process and logistic data,

  • to optimize the utilization of manufacturing assets by collaborative production planning,

  • to optimize the utilization of logistical assets through efficient delivery plans, and

  • to display the complete set of supply chain management information on any digital mobile device (PC, tablets, smartphones)enabling decision makers to monitor, visualize, control, share and collaborate.

The C2NET Project will generate a Cloud Architecture containing:

  • The Data Collection Framework (C2NET DCF) to provide the software components and hardware devices necessary for IoT-based continuous data collection from supply network resourceschain components.

  • The Optimizer (C2NET OPT) to support manufacturing supply chain networksnetworks in the optimizeation of of the utilization of their manufacturing and logisticals assets by the collaborativethrough collaborative computation of production plans, replenishment plans and delivery planning plans.

  • The Collaboration Tools (C2NET COT) for providing the Collaborative Manufacturing Network Platform with a set of tools in charge ofto manageing the agility of the collaborative processes.

  • The Cloud Platform (C2NET CPL) to integrate the data modules, the optimizers and the collaborative tools into the cloud and enable all supply chain partners allow the access to process optimization resources to all the participants in the value chain to support their decision making and process enhancements.

Partnership :

The project consortium consists of 20 institutions from 6 countries (Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, France and Portugal) and 3 universities, 3 Centers / Technology Institutes, 2 Research Organizations, 2 business associations, 4 Large companies and 6 SMEs.

See more at: http://c2net-project.eu



OpenCloudware aims at building an open software engineering platform, for the collaborative development of distributed applications for deployment on multiple Cloud infrastructures.

The OpenCloudware platform will be available through a self-service portal. OpenCloudware targets virtualized multi-tier applications such as JavaEE - SOA. OpenCloudware will deliver a set of software components to manage the lifecycle of applications from modeling (Think), developing and building images (Build), to a multi-IaaS compliant PaaS platform (Run) for app deployment, orchestration, performance testing, self-management (elasticity, green IT optimization) and provisioning. Applications will be deployed potentially on multi-IaaS (supporting either one IaaS at a time, or hybrid scenarios).

Partnership :

ActiveEon, Armines, Bull, eNovance, eXo Platform, France Telecom,  Inria, IRIT – INP Toulouse, Linagora, OW2, Peergreen, Télécom Paris Tech, Télécom Saint Etienne, Thales Communications, Thales Services, Université Joseph Fourier, Université de Savoie – LISTIC, UShareSoft

See more at: http://www.opencloudware.org



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