• LinHosting is among
  • the best hosting offers,
  • combining an Open Source
  • software platform with extensive
  • administration tools and metrics.

Hosting tailored for efficiency

The market for infrastructure hosting is crowded with providers offering more or less the same thing...

  • Either you pay low, and get subpar performance and very limited services.
  • Or you pay high to have decent performance yet minimum flexibility for your specific configuration.
  • In any case, you can never be sure of the security and confidentiality of your data, especially with providers operating under US jurisdiction (confer to the Snowden revelations).

We break through this fog of mediocracy by combining years of expertise, durable hardware and rock-solid software.

Our goal is simple: to give you the keys to a reliable, scalable and metrics-rich infrastructure so you can focus on improving your business. All without hindering your knowledge or freedom by never using abusive subscription conditions or lock-in software.

Hosting Features

Easily integrate software into your own infrastructure thanks to open data standards and communication protocols.

LINAGORA uses 100% proven and widely-adopted Open Source software:

  • Virtualization/Deployment level: Xen Cloud Platform hypervisors and OpenStack (supported by IBM, Red Hat, Cisco and others).
  • Operating System level: rock-solid Debian GNU/Linux (Linux-based systems currently equipe >90% of all supercomputers).
  • Webserver/Application level: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc (powering a large majority of worldwide websites).

Get the best hosting thanks to our independence and strong investment in technology.

  • Hardware protection: LINAGORA cares about your data. All of our servers are located in two different secure buildings, rented from TeleHouse, a certified (ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001) professional, with redundancy maintained in our own offices.

  • Self internet provider: LINAGORA owns its own AS: AS50665 and associated public IPv4 address range. This means you don't have to struggle with IP<>domain name association, as we can provide as many static public IP addresses as you need.
  • Dedicated Virtual Hosting: each of our clients benefit from their own network: customizable firewall, networks, vpn and load balancers).
  • Active security and resilience policy: our infrastructure ensures that security and load-balancing systems minimize risks of failure from bandwidth saturation or intentional attacks.
  • Regular hardware control: each of our hosting centers are routinely monitored by our own team.

A team is in place to ensure you maintain the high availability for your business to keep running

  • Experienced team: we provide you senior developers and system administrators, each with more than ten years of system and network administration.
  • OSSA integration: any hosting subscription includes exclusive access to our support platform, www.08000linux.com.
  • LINAGORA team synergy: with all teams' expertise combined, we always have someone available to resolve your issue.
  • Engagement on delays: we are committed to always responding in a timely manner according to our client-focused standards.

Our clients are our partner, so we always keep our activities open and accessible

  • Rigorous methodology: all our activities and procedures are documented and provided to our clients.
  • Extensive metrics: we deploy several tools to provide you robust data analytics on web traffic, resource consumption, network quality and more.
  • Realtime supervision: we use Selenium and Nagios to monitor machine health. Clients can recieve custom notifications and alarms by email or SMS.

Hosting Ecosystem