SXSW : South by Southwest 2019


LINAGORA, the french Open Source key-player, is very pleased to introduce the latest version of LinTO, an Open Source Smart Assistant, and to share its vision of a ‘Third Digital Way’, at South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Festivals (March 8-17th, Austin, Texas).

LinTO is a free and Open Source Smart Voice Assistant, designed by LINAGORA.

LinTO is designed to understand your voice, and help your company to improve its productivity throughout the entire day, and especially during meetings.

All source code is available, it is free and will always remain it.

Privacy, customization, and openness are the key features of LinTO.

You can deploy LinTO in your own infrastructure and the Speech To Text is processed locally without any data centralized within the cloud. It is GAFAM*-free, and respects your privacy. Your data never leaves your IT system and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

LinTO is based on an Open Source hardware Platform, OpenPAAS ( : you can extend the core features set to fit customers business needs.

You can create all the commands you need. For example, LinTO can interact with OpenPaaS, LINAGORA’s Open Source collaborative platform, to manage your business meetings, IoT devices, e-mails, automated transcriptions and much more.

LinTO is smart, it knows your use cases and can be trained with business-aware lexical.

LinTO is EU GDPR Compliant, and multilingual (French, English and more languages will be launched soon).

Today, LinTO is engaged in pilot projects with major banks and institutions (EDF, Air France, Société Générale…)

LINAGORA’s secret tip – its new extension Open Source board – will be shown. This board extends a Raspberry Pi compute module functionalities and makes it a true audio processing device.

At the SXSW 2019, come and meet with Alexandre Zapolsky (President and co-Founder), and Céline Zapolsky (Executive Vice-President), to see a public demonstration of LinTO, and to share our vision of a ‘Third Digital Way’, more ethical, more inclusive, and more sustainable !

Watch our video :