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LinTO @TechWeek

Intended for collaborators, TechWeek 2018 will welcome some external visitors: start-ups, representatives of universities and research institutes or suppliers.
Expert or novice, all visitors can discover in a concrete way these various innovations thanks to an organization around conferences, stands (pits) and around studios (workshops).

“TechWeek gives the opportunity to share the connected stakes bound to our digital transformation, without theory, by illustrating them with very concrete applications, notices Alain Voiment, CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Technology is not an end in itself. We must know how to identify very early the most successful then share them quickly to create the new services of the bank of future and improve our operating efficiency.”

LinTO is a smart Open Source assistant for businesses designed by LINAGORA. This personnal assistant is cloud enabled but GAFAM free (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple-Microsoft).

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