CES 2019 - LinTO

CES 2019

LinTO is attending once again CES Technology, THE biggest event to get your pass to the future ! 

This will be the occasion to introduce LinTO’s newest version, a new inspiration that comes with better interactions with a large touch screen for B2B applications.


CES 2019 - LinTO

LinTO is a smart Open Source assistant designed by LINAGORA: based only on Open Source technologies, LinTO is cloud enabled but GAFAM-free (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple-Microsoft), and respects your privacy as it doesn’t share your data for commercial use.

LinTO is designed to reduce time-consuming & stressful tasks: it uses a smart AI program to understand your voice and helps you all along the office day even during meetings.

LinTO is a hardware & software OpenPlatform: skills API expand the capabilities of LinTO and lets anyone create their own commands. For example, LinTO can interact with OpenPaaS, LINAGORA’s Open Source collaborative Platform to manage your agenda or e-mails.

With a full on board featured platform, LinTO is ready to help you in your everyday life:

  • to be more organized:
    • agenda management
    • todo list reminders
    • meeting set-ups
    • notetaking
    • email reading & writing
  • to be more efficient:
    • time optimization
    • weather forecast
    • traffic
  • to be better informed:
    • words & personalities definition
    • newspaper headlines

“We strongly believe in the personal assistant approach in the field of enterprise collaboration. However, these highly AI based technologies must guarantee privacy of personnal data to the user. LinTO is designed to respect your privacy.”

Michel-Marie MAUDET, the general manager of LinTO.

More info about LinTO.