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8 French players set themselves up as an alternative to Microsoft 365

Following the French President’s announcements on the “delay” of the sovereign cloud, 8 key players in the sector, representing more than 3 million users, announce that they now have a solid and operational alternative to the Microsoft 365 suite, which was recently declared “non-compliant” by the Interministerial Director of Director of Digital Affairs.

Atolia, Jalios, Jamespot, Netframe, Talkspirit, Twake, Whaller and WIMI announce that they can now offer a credible alternative to the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

These French digital companies, all of which already work for public players (administrations, local authorities), are marketing alternatives to all the services provided by Microsoft: messaging, word processing, chat, videoconferencing, document storage, etc. These French digital companies, all of which already work for public bodies (administrations, local authorities), are marketing alternatives to all the services provided by Microsoft: messaging, word processing, chat, videoconferencing, document storage, etc.

For Alain Garnier, President of Jamespot and spokesperson for the collective: “The “Cloud at the centre” doctrine can be implemented very quickly, with a very simple means: buy French solutions, rather than American ones. These solutions exist and are already operational. We have been hearing speeches about the importance of creating a sovereign cloud for almost a year. Now it is time to act “.

According to these players, the software suites provided by the French champions of the digital workplace have three decisive advantages:

First, they guarantee that the data is 100% sovereign data. Not only do they respect the RGPD, but better still, they are not subject to any extraterritorial law, and in particular the famous Cloud Act. Indeed, these solutions are all hosted by European players and do not use American or Chinese clouds. These solutions are also all eligible to be integrated into SecNumCloud certified infrastructures, thus complying with the State’s most stringent security requirements.

Secondly, they are 100% French companies whose managers have a local presence and can work with their clients and public can work together with their clients and public players to collaborate over the long term. These companies develop employment mainly in the Franco-European territory and generate financial flows that actively participate in the French economy.

Finally, they offer solutions that are 100% in line with the new State doctrine of “Cloud at centre”. These companies have also chosen, for the oldest, to favour a development model that favours their capital independence and are therefore trusted partners for the State in the development of its own Sovereignty.

The public authorities therefore have the opportunity to measure and develop the strength of these players who on a daily basis have more than 3 million users on their platforms.

In its capacity as a strategic state and with the help of the DGE and the BPI (Plan d’Investissement d’Avenir, JEI, Research Tax Credit, etc.), the state has participated in the technological development of most of these 8 Digital Workplace solutions. With this decision of the DINUM, there is a unique momentum where the Buyer State could follow the steps of the Investor State. The Digital Workplace market in France is estimated at 2 billion by 2023 according to a study by Markess. (source: ITRNews).

State agents can therefore now choose these dynamic players to achieve their digital transformation in a short timeframe, in accordance with the challenge imposed by the Cloud doctrine. transformation in a short timeframe, in line with the challenge imposed by the Cloud doctrine at the centre.

The leaders of these 8 French champions of the Digital Workplace are fully aware of the and are therefore ready to develop new technological and strategic cooperations aimed at accelerating the adoption of their to accelerate the adoption of their technologies. Finally, it is an advantage to be able to count on local players.

This announcement follows a series of similar initiatives by French digital players: [PlayFrance.Digital] and IT50plus which call for a 50% guarantee of public purchases from French or European companies, Solainn which proposes a marketplace of digital solutions from France and EFEL Power which is committed to the international success of French software publishers.

About the 8 actors

About Atolia:

Atolia is the agile and secure workspace that simplifies collaboration for more than 15,000 teams every day. Available on computer and mobile, this application made in France brings together all the features needed to communicate and work efficiently, whether in the office or remotely.

About Jalios :

Founded in 2001, Jalios has over 1.8 million identified users. Its offer Jalios Workplace Liberty is a sovereign solution that is distinguished by its functional richness and meets the security requirements of the State.

About Jamespot:

Founded in 2005, Jamespot publishes a sovereign collaborative platform that is 100% customizable according to the internal communication and collaboration needs of its customers. The Jamespot solution is an intranet, a corporate social network and a digital workplace, and is used by more than 400 customers and 400,000 users throughout France and the world.

About Netframe:

Since 2018, Netframe is a collaborative platform for public and private organisations designed and hosted in France. Communication and productivity technology at the service of your needs and accessible to all users.

About Talkspirit :

Created in 2008, Talkspirit is a collaborative platform 100% made in France that simplifies information sharing, boosts your internal exchanges and makes your teams’ work more fluid. Ranked as the number one collaborative tool by GetApp in 2020, the software includes all the features you need to communicate and work more productively.

About Twake:

Twake is the open source alternative to Teams that enables a complete, secure, fully RGPD compliant Open Digital Workplace. Twake is available as SaaS and on premise.

About Whaller:

A secure social and collaborative platform, Whaller is a simple and comprehensive solution to enable organisations to communicate and collaborate securely to support their digital to support their digital transformation.

About Wimi:

Wimi offers public and private organisations a complete collaborative suite soon to be labelled “SecNumCloud” and “Trusted Cloud”. Wimi Workplace has the specificity of unifying the Communication/Social dimension (Communities) and the work in Project mode (Workspaces).

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October 18 2021

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