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15 years of experience

Excellent insight in technology evolution

For over 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to open source technology.

From our team of senior experts, we advise with knowledge and confidence gained from first-hand experience.

From our bleeding-edge research team, we can take advantage of new-horizon technologies to give you durable solutions.

From our services and development team, we cover all the IT needs for your project: business and office applications, networking, system administration, middleware...

Diverse portfolio

While our primary clients have generally been large public administrations, we also provide consulting to local public organizations as well as small to large private companies.

Our client's vastly different issues and expectations have broadened our perspective over the years, so we are perfectly comfortable with adapting to and working within the specific context of your organization.


Keeping you informed of the project's progress is our priority, as no one likes to be left in the dark! We have developed a consultant & client process that is clear and accountable.

We use well-known methodologies and tools to deliver accurate and detailed analysis.

Consulting Expertise

In a market offering very little visability…

Large enterprises are continually seeking to control and reduce their IT costs. In order to protect investments in IT for new and innovative projects, the main priority is to reduce operating costs.

Among all the ways to reduce these costs, using Open Source technology is the most effective, thanks to the absence of any license fee and the significantly lower maintenance cost compared to proprietary technology.

Open Source software has the technical qualifications comparable to any proprietary software, making them an extremely credible alternative, especially when dealing with infrastructure aspects (operating systems, databases, application servers, etc.).

Many organizations around the world have already adapted and verified the quality and robustness of Open Source solutions : the French Ministry of Finance, Carrefour, Bank of America, even NASA.

Probably the most important aspect to any economic environment, Open Source software provides enterprises with a choice of providers that allows for real competition and improves enterprise bargaining power as compared to dealing solely with the few proprietary vendors.

Our approach is organized into four steps:

Step 1 – Tailored analysis of your situation

Macro-analysis of the principle domains of your information system. From this study, we determine the 2 to 4 domains in which we propose to prioritize to best fit your business objectives and deliver recommendations for how to proceed forward.

Step 2 – Detailed analysis of each prioritized domain, which includes the following deliverables:

  • A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis that compares your current system set up with an alternative Open Source solution. Two types exist : “Stock” for replacing existing proprietary software or “Flux” for installing new versions of existing Open Source software.

  • A solution matrix indicating Open Source software migration (Stock) and updated installations (Flux) to help the client choose the best solution.

  • A detailed project plan for software migration and updating (Stock).

Step 3 – Implementation of the selected solution

Complete project management or on-site support for your teams to achieve sustainable results

Step 4 – Continued support and maintenance

We are here to make sure any system we develop is sustainable and continually maintained with the latest updates and new technology through our Support Services - OSSA.

Avoid legal traps, secure your Intellectual Property!

Open Source is great, but can sometimes require professional insight to avoid unwanted legal issues. Our experience as an Open Source community contributor, integration provider and software developer means that we always use the best practices and take into account the necessary precautions for any project.

Our LINAGORA Open Source Legal Center aims to make the intricacies of Free / Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) law understandable by all.

Out Legal Center is composed of legal practitioners with an acute understanding of technology copyright law and practical use of FLOSS, reinforced by our technical experts.

We provide you FLOSS-related legal expertise along two major axes.

  • Facilitation: accompany and assist you in the implementation of Open Source governance policies while minimizing work process disruption.

  • Training: theoretical and hands-on training courses to acquire key skills on FLOSS-related legal issues for the management and mastery of Open Source usage in professional workflows.

Beyond our support to public administrations and private companies, we are engaged in a dynamic research & development effort across all legal fields pertaining to FLOSS (IP, competition, international regulations). The outputs of this research are publicized through fundamental research publications and Open Source conferences & events.

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