LINAGORA, Community of communities

LINAGORA's forte is, from the beginning, to balance traditional business development with respect of all open source values. We realize this goal each day through three policies: open source promotion, community contribution, own code liberation.

Promoting open source in any way to anyone

Our CEO, Alexandre Zapolsky, is engaged in several open source associations and lobbies, either centered on the free software culture or on business development, such as the FNILL (Fédération Nationale de l’Industrie du Logiciel Libre - National Federation of Free Software Industry), combining various small and big companies who want to demonstrate the benefits free software can provide to administrations and companies while boosting local economy.

We also provide a free access website,, centralizing open source related news, be it politics, economics or technologies.

Contributing code to communities whenever possible

Many companies still have some hesitation to ask for free software development, fearing for the security of their infrastructure or data, or "paying for others". We strive to remove these fears by explaining how contributing back a new feature or some bugfixes is in fact the best choice for everyone, them included and first served.

Thanks to this, most of our clients agree to let us contribute back, allowing us to help various communities such as Apache, Drupal, Debian etc...

Moreover, we employ several developers each one strongly engaged in a community, for example, Fedora or Drupal contributors.

Providing our software under a 100% free license.

All the software we have been AND will be developing is published under free software license. In most cases, we use AGPL for software that could be used as a service, LGPL for middleware and GPL for the other components. The licence for each of our product is easily accessible. The only addition we made to these licences, additions expressely authorized by those licenses, has been made to protect the use of our trademarks.

Feel free to get more information on our products on related pages. Each one includes all essential information, including link to our communities websites.