‘Merci l’Europe’ Campaign by the MEDEF

For the MEDEF campaign 'Merci l'Europe' Alexandre Zapolsky, co-Founder and Chairman of LINAGORA, also Member of the « French Digital Council » (Conseil National du Numérique) defends a 'Third Digital Way' at this occasion.

Tuning of parameters for decoding in automatic speech recognition

By Samir Tanfous Samir Tanfous, Data Scientist at LINAGORA shares his expertise in speech recognition. Our employees not only feel passionate about their jobs, they also invest their knowledge in Research and Development towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes. This article aims to show you the...

LINAGORA applies the exceptional bonus agreement in favor of the purchasing power of wage

LINAGORA applique le dispositif de primes exceptionnelles, en faveur du pouvoir d’achat des salariés LINAGORA, champion français de l’édition de logiciels libres Open Source, est fier d’annoncer l’application du dispositif relatif aux primes exceptionnelles annoncé en décembre par le Gouvernement. Lors de ses vœux du 28 janvier 2019, Bruno Le...

CES 2019 : Press Release

Revue de presse-CES2019-LinTO
LINAGORA was at CES 2019 to present LinTO, their Open Source vocal assistant. An event marked with many meetings, discoveries, passionating conversations and many interviews ! Here are some of our selection. Michaël Bailly, Product Owner OpenPaaS, Gary Shapiro, Président du CES et Alexandre Zapolsky, Président Fondateur de LINAGORA. Extrait...

LINAGORA, the French Open Source key-player, is very pleased to introduce the latest version of LinTO, a Smart Open Source Assistant, at CES 2019.

LinTO is a free and Open Source Smart Voice Assistant, designed by LINAGORA LinTO is designed to understand your voice, and help your company to improve its productivity throughout the entire day, and especially during meetings. All source code is available, it’s free and will always be. Available here :...

Qwant’s collaboration with LINAGORA

Qwant Michel Marie Maudet
Qwant, known as the 'search engine that respects your privacy' is about to launch a mail application powered by OpenPaaS. Qwant Michel Marie Maudet Read the article