About Us

  • LINAGORA was founded by people who understand the
  • importance of Open Source. With a 100% free software model,
  • we support governments and companies to build their
  • digital independance and maintain Open Source values -
  • Knowledge Sharing, Creativity, Honesty

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Our Mission

linagoraWe are an Open Source Software Company.

Our mission is to bring digital independence to our customers.
We focus on supporting large organizations both from the private and public sectors. We have set our sights on helping governments achieve their digital independence.

We LOVE freedom. We regard it as the most important value for humanity. We produce completely free and Open Source software that aligns with the of Open Source communities. We develop what we call Free-Free Software (free as freedom and free as in accessible for all).


freeWe don't believe in the Freemium model or in the Proprietary model. You are not required to pay for any license in order to enjoy all of our software and features.
We do understand and respect our competitors and their business models as we are aware of the complex world we share. We also know that none of our customers solely rely on Open Source software, so we ensure our solutions are interoperable with the proprietary alternatives. Each model has its own strengths (even the proprietary ones, yes they do!), but we strive to provide the best Open Source software & services and promote our Free-Free philosophy as much as possible.

Open Source is not a "low cost" model but a "best cost" model.

Therefore, our software & services are designed to provide solutions that help clients fight against the vendor lock-in caused by proprietary (and freemium) alternatives.

Our vision


linagoraFree and Open Source Software is a revolutionary and powerful movement. We are very proud to be part of this movement and are excited to continue growing as a company and a community within it!

We also believe that money cannot be the sole purpose in life for us or for you. Everyone deserves to have digital independence and we strive to provide you this freedom through our solutions!

We are driven by our values and everyday more people are joining us who to share the same perspective.

We enjoy sharing our passion with our team in LINAGORA and also with our community and our clients.



We spend more than 30% of our total expenses on R&D, which is key for continued innovation for companies such as LINAGORA. We believe our R&D efforts are never enough. The more we can innovate, the better we can support you. 

We show that alternative models to the classic software vendor model do exist. In the proprietary model, companies generally allocate a maximum of 15% global expenses to R&D. Their main efforts focus on marketing, sales and distribution whereas our efforts are essentially focused on improving the code and enhancing innovation. This is why open source solutions are at the heart of any major IT project and will end up dominating the IT world.

Our community promotes our innovations, and since anyone can download, test and evaluate our software, our costs of sales and distribution are totally disruptive. At the end of the day we are able to concentrate our efforts on R&D rather than on marketing, sales and distribution.


We are committed to supporting ourselves as a society and show it through supporting a number of humanitarian causes. For example, we contribute to www.wefightcensorship.org.

We believe enterprises should not have to pay a maximum price for software while they will only use a minimum amount of functionality. Instead, they should only pay just the right price for the right functionality that they actually need. We want to deliver to our customers the "Good Enough" promise, rather than promise (as many proprietary software vendors do) that you need to "pay now to save later"... or never!

We respond to the diversity of the IT market and its needs by offering customized solutions for the right price. Diversity can also be found in our team: women and men, junior and senior staff, and people from all over the world pursuing the same goal - making Open Source solutions accessible to everyone.

We love software. We love innovation. We strive to create the best Open Source Software in order to provide the most innovative and well-designed solutions.

Our values

Open Company, Free People

Big Dreams & Concrete actions

Team Environment

& Create

 Respect Customers and Communities


Transparency matters, because open source is above all about unleashing and sharing information.


It is not about being a philosopher, it is about being a practitioner of Open Source. We want to change the world!


We are all about teams. We like to think that we work as one big family. We care about each other!   


Our mission is to provide and foster innovation. We need our products to be well designed if we expect you to use them. No design, no innovation!


We need to earn the trust of our customers and communities! We value respect and honesty. We commit ourselves to always be genuine.



Alexandre Zapolsky

Michel-Marie Maudet

Céline Zapolsky

Dimitri Zapolsky

CEO & Co-Founder

COO & Co-Founder

Chief Business Development

Chief Financial Officer



We are legion! Or will be soon at least! Feel free to contact us for information, partnerships or anything else!
Open ear for open source, that is our motto!


We love to work, but even more we love to live.
We foster an environment that keeps us feeling great and encourages us to perform our best.
We want people to enjoy their work.



Office Lifestyle

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