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What is the Open Business Alliance

LINAGORA is one of today’s top service providers, working with large public organizations and private companies to provide assistance services and supporting a catalog of over 400 libre (free) softwares.

LINAGORA is already working with a number of SMEs and independent professionals, either through partnerships from major contracts or through specific pieces of work. LINAGORA worked with more than 30 subcontractors in 2015 alone.

LINAGORA wishes to build upon its know-how and expertise by developing strong relationships with other actors within the free and open source software community in order to best respond to the needs of current and future clients. These partnerships support at least one of the following objectives:

  • Complement expertise on a specific technology and/or specific professional knowledge
  • Expand geographic coverage for a better reach across all of France.

LINAGORA hopes that by strengthening its partnership network, it will make its partners, services, and mission more visible. This is an ecosystem that LINAGORA plans to make easily identifiable.


LINAGORA manages the premier Libre Software Community of Experts and SMEs in order to respond to the needs of clients throughout all of France : the Open Business Alliance!


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Why join the Open Business Alliance?

Members of the Open Business Alliance gain access to new contracts through specific business cases or when the Alliance is included in Framework Contracts, for example:

  • In the public market : market type “Libre Software Support and Expertise”
  • In the private market : Services, Banking, Insurance

In the last 4 years, from our two biggest contracts, 25% of LINAGORA’s revenue went to subcontractors!


Don’t wait any longer and reach out to us about joining the Open Business Alliance at the address :